Muscle Rev Xtreme Review – Genuine Or Just Another Scam?

muscle rev xtreme bottleEvery time I surf the internet to search for products to buy and review, I stumble upon offers like this muscle rev x 14 day “free” trial and they always get my attention because of the cheesy graphics and flashy pill bottles.

Let’s see if muscle rev xtreme gets up to the claims he does and if you should really invest in a solution like this.

Well, firstly, I want to do a quick examination of this product and their claims after which I will go straight into the transparent facts about each of the ingredients to see if this formula really stands up.

Let’s examine the product claims:

their sales page 1

From this picture, I want to say that this product promises the dream that we all are searching: losing fat while gaining muscle and strength along with energy.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, let’s go on and see what’s up with muscle rev x.

muscle rev xtreme claims 2

This statement from their official page says that this product is clinically proven to boost everything under the sun no matter your age.

True or false?

The transparent answer is: FALSE!

I couldn’t really find a research study done with this product that stated their claims as being true but nonetheless, I am usually accustomed to claims like these when it comes to a product that should do all these wonderful things for your life.

Another claim that I find truly exaggerate is the one in which “muscle rev xtreme will “help” you shed all your fat quick and easily” -> while this statement is grossly exaggerated, it’s been demonstrated ages ago that the main reason why we lose fat is calories and not some bogus product.

A product can’t work if you don’t make sure you are in a caloric deficit!

You can take this product and gorge with food and you won’t lose an ounce of fat but most likely you will put some on your frame.

Yeah, interesting.. let’s continue by examining each of the ingredients inside:

L-Arginine – as I previously examined this compound on my lean muscle formula review, it’s been demonstrated that this amino acid doesn’t do jack for your muscle mass and in order to get the “pump” you should ingest big quantities of this.

Acai Berry – the taste is great for this ingredient, good as an antioxidant but no research studies that found any tangible health benefits in humans – we don’t care about rats, you are NOT a rat.

Beta Alanine – while this amino acid doesn’t have any negative effects on your body, there’s no long term research done or that found this amino acid to help you “build muscle” or “lose fat”. It’s just an amino acid so it couldn’t really cause any real problems.

Some people report they have better recovery (worse than taking creatine) but some people report no effects. At worst, you can use it and don’t observe any effects – it seems to depend on how you respond to it.

Zinc – zinc is required for optimal sports performance and various processes important for everyone

Creatine Citrate – it is not special in any way, creatine monohydrate is still the best form of creatine available when speaking of absorption, positive effects

Green Tea – just another antioxidant, good health benefits

Basically, this product is just another “pump” and “recovery” product that is way overpriced and you can reach the same benefits by taking some creatine monohydrate (the cheapest one you can find and it’s just a few bucks for months of usage), plus some coffee.

The zinc is pretty genuine but aside that, I wouldn’t really pay the price for it after that 14 days trial.

Muscle Rev Xtreme – Final Conclusion

If you ask me if it works, the answer is simple: this supplement doesn’t work because of its “incredible formula”, it works because of its creatine content and a small push maybe because of additional beta alanine but that’s all my friends.

Don’t waste your time and pocket on this.

If I were in your place, I would just get a good protein powder and some creatine.

Check my protein powder reviews page along with the best muscle recovery and growth supplements page (here you will find creatine at the best quality).

Problem solved!

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  1. Thank you very much for posting this, I looked everywhere on google for reviews and this is the only honest one. I look forward to you busting more spam muscle products.

    P.S you need a Facebook “share” button alongside your “like” option, I’m just post the url on my wall.

  2. Stella Mullan says:

    This product is not worth 85. There is not a free will be charged for the product. What a scam :(

  3. Marshall Jones says:

    Thanks for the Review on the product. I’m a basic protein guy and don’t look much outside of that. I did apply for the “Free” trial and was hit was an $85 non-refundable charge. This is a great review. Thank you for taking the time to share. .

    Can’t substitute anything for hard work

    • Indeed Marshall!

      Too bad you didn’t discovered this review earlier but nonetheless, now you know what to do. I would recommend you to get a book because it can offer you knowledge that can’t be replaced by a supplement.


  4. Wish I saw this 3 weeks ago, I to fell to the scam… Guess I’m sticking to whey protein. Thanks for the review though

  5. It’s actually a nice аnd useful piece of information. I totally agree with the 3’rd point. First time I went to a gym, I wasted months with a personal trainer that took me $500 every month. All for just 2 pounds of fat loss. Now I know I’m better off researching on my own.

    • I’m glad you like it. Well, most people that use personal trainers waste their money. It’s not really a bad thing to have a trainer but to find one that actually knows what he’s doing is quite hard these days…

  6. Scam –> charge you for the poduct, never received… Had to dispute with credit card company.
    I phoned to ask for a credit as I received nothing, they after me a credit of 15% of my order, how does that work 15% credit when you received nothing, it was bull. They gave a tracking number for it being sent, the tracking number was false, it didn’t conform to the shipping company’s tracking number sequence at all.
    Absolutely a waste of time and effort.

  7. It’s a scam sign up for free trial plus shipping. Then get charged $85 a month for 6 months. Which is not explained when applying for the free trial

  8. One of the best things you can do if you’re trying to gain, even avoiding powders, is putting your money towards proper foods. Protein, healthy calories. Instead of spending tons of money on flashy looking supplements, spend it on good food. $50 for that supplement? Hell I’d rather spend $50 on a bunch of chicken.

    • I am always advocating solid foods whenever I get the chance. Supplements like muscle rev xtreme are just another way of profiting from people that don’t know much about the supplement industry

  9. A concise and methodical evaluation of the individual components of this product. I am in the medical field and totally agree with your conclusion.
    Good review.

  10. stephen hall says:

    Its a scam. No free trial, they will keep charging you £68 per month if you don’t act.

  11. KELLY CAMPOS says:

    This company can rot…. Eat a big, pile of **!!@@!!!!!


  13. I ordered the trial offer. If I get any results, I will let you know. I am curious how they can make those bodacious claims like gain 3Xs the muscle and lose 3Xs the fat. The ad does say that it was tested in a controlled study!


  14. Its funny how so many guys on the other side of this say how great this product is and how they have so call followers like the ‘Rock”and other people yet here you say this is a SCAM …..they have told me I will only pay $3.95 for the shipping yet you people say they charge you $85 well Im not one that is going to be SCAM over this….thanks guys for being honest and upfront.

    • It’s funny how people buying these “fat loss” products get scammed over and over again. No problem, Bevin. Nobody is holding you back from buying it. Go ahead. It won’t do anything related to fat loss if your diet is not in check. Good luck

  15. thanks for the heads up, i was thinking of ordering some but glad i did a bit of research first, i suppose you cant beat hard work and sweat to get the best results…

  16. I placed an order for the 30 day free trial of muscle rev extreme and rev test when I received my order receipt I was informed they would keep on sending me a monthly supply for $89 and could cancel at any time. I rang the number straight away to cancel only to hear the number you have called is incorrect please check the number before calling again so I rang several more times same response, I then rang my bank and canceled my credit card so yes it is a BIG SCAM

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