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my definition of no bullkshit bodybuilding

In order to get started on the right food and avoid all the bullshit the fitness industry, guru’s and supplement companies are feeding daily, let’s see what bullshit really means:

There are many explanation of this term but the most accurate is this:

bullshit definition from wikipedia dex

In other words, if you want to get bigger, faster, stronger or leaner, you must avoid buying into all the crap guru’s are selling and learn the truth.

I wake up in the morning, I fast some hours until I feel the need to eat something (no need to hurry or get scared of all that bullshit myth “not eating breakfast is bad for your body”.

I then follow up by reading research studies, articles, books that I started and also check my body fat in the mirror.

I’m happy that I can give back everything I learnt and continue to learn about this beautiful sport that  can keep us healthier, stronger and also “optimized”.

Everything I teach here on the blog is the foundation of my personal success and with other people.

I never try to teach something that it  can’t be demonstrated as genuine.

what no bullshit bodybuilding is not

Before I move on to how you can get started, there are some expectations that need to be set:

1. Getting lean/stronger/healthier is NOT a 1 day process and it actually takes time and effort. In all seriousness, nothing in life is easy. Of course, there are many guru’s out there that will try to tell you there’s a magic pill or book that will make your journey worry free. All those statements are mainly built on false hopes. I’m not here to give you false hopes, I will actually do my best to guide you on the right path to get better.

Take these words for good: “Don’t just learn, start acting today!”

2. Getting lean/stronger/healthier does NOT come overnight and in some cases it can take many months (depending on your goal). 

What I will teach you, used in the right context, will give you the shortest path to what you can do with your body. The truth is that it takes time and effort. You can get lean/bulky fast (using steroids -> I don’t advise that) but faster doesn’t mean better. Slow and steady is the word here. What you will learn and practice will construct the foundation for your body.

3. Getting to low bodyfat like 5-6% or muscular is NOT impossible. Before I even started lifting, I watched TV shows, magazines and youtube videos of lean guys. After seeing all those nice sculpted bodies I thought that it was impossible to be like them.

It wasn’t until I really started getting my foot into working out and trying everything I could find (even wasting time but nonetheless, I learnt something). I started to see results.

I get to chose if I want to stay lean all year round, bulk/gain some strength/muscle, whenever I want to, because I have all the answers I need to achieve that. It wasn’t easy and believe me, thinking to just give up and move on is way easier (I was one of those people). The only thing that will help you get ahead is to have the right mindset which is to: “Never give up” and always keep trying to progress.

Now that you got into the right mindset, I will further describe what we need to do to get you better:

lose weight or gain weight

I believe that the very first step you should make is to get to the decision of what you want to achieve. You want to get rid of that belly or you are already thin and you want to pack on some muscles?

Just read my article bellow and come back on this page.

Should I Cut Or Should I Bulk? <- the answer is inside

After you’ve read this article, continue by reading the ones bellow:

how to start losing weight plus what to expect

Bellow, I simplified the way you need to eat to achieve your goals. Please read those articles in the order I displayed them and come back.

  1. You will learn how to count calories the right way:  How To Count Calories In Food
  2. Learn how many calories you need:  How Many Calories Per Day Should I Eat To Lose Weight?
  3. A no nonsense guide on how much protein you really need: How Much Protein Do I Need

Optional: Quick And Easy Weight Loss Tips

training programs

You have decided what you want to do (lose or gain weight), you learnt the correct way to weight your food, count calories and how many protein you need. The next thing we need to settle on is to chose a good weight training program.

The training programs bellow have been used for decades by plenty of big bodybuilders and they are continuously used by fitness enthusiasts because of 1 major reason: They all WORK!

Depending on your goal (I stated each one at the beginning of the sentence bellow), select a training program and try to do it for at least 12 weeks.

NOTICE: A common flaw I continuously observe all over the internet and also with my clients at fist, is that most of them are looking for “the best program” or they simply get bored and try to switch. My personal philosophy regarding the selection of a training program is to just select a proven one and stick to it. You will progress easier and faster if you stick on one program.


I speak from experience and believe me, switching from program to program was one of the biggest mistakes I did when I started and even after a few years of training. What I needed to do then, was to just stick to one program and milk the results as much as I could. The sad thing is that no one advised me and I pretty much short circuited my potential gains.

Learn from my mistakes and stick to a program for a while.

  1. If you want to gain strength, one of the best training program: Starting strength routine
  2. A combination of strength and size: Madcow 5×5 routineThe texas method
  3. Mainly for muscle gaining: Upper lower split routine

How to gain weight

You are almost done…

Wait.. @#!@#… this is it? All? Aren’t you missing something?

Me: No my friend, this is everything you need to know to get started right away. I hate the fact that most people are trying to over complicate or ruin a simple proven system. You probably know more about eating and lifting the right way than 90% of people that are scorching the internet for “magic pills”.

I am truly confident that you will progress in a steady pace if you follow my simple directions and try to be consistent. Also, if you have any questions or you don’t understand something, just hit me up with an email and I will kindly help you.

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The only thing left now is to finish by finding out what expectations you should have when trying to lose fat or build muscle.

Firstly, you should know that magazines promising you 2131 lbs of muscle mass/week (sarcasm), are full of BS because I already explained here why you can’t gain massive amounts of muscle mass in a short time: How Fast Can You Gain Muscle

If you have a tight budget, this post might be the best for you: Bulking on a budget

The main article: How To Bulk Up


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your turn

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I hope I helped you and stay tuned for updates!


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