WARNING! Don't Even Think About Diets Until You Read This...

New Research Study Shows You How To Lose Up To 6.6 Pounds Of PURE Fat In 4 Days... I Lost 8.6 Pounds In Just 4 Days And I'll Show You How I Did It

Not at least you can lose up to 6.6 pounds of fat in just 4 days, then up to 2 pounds in the next 3 days. This is not the usual nonsense diet that you can find on the internet. This is a step by step guide to achieve an extreme level of fat loss. The best part is that I will show you exactly what you have to do and you will see how I lost 8.6 pounds in just 4 days

24th May 2019

How many times you've seen advertisements like: “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!”, “Secrets to weight loss”, "Amazing fat burning supplement burns fat while you sleep" or many other similar statements?

I bet you’ve seen advertisements or at least a person promising you results like that. I know I’ve seen them in the past and I continue to get bombarded with messages and advertisements like that. Pictures of fat people going slim. Drawings and animations of huge bellies transforming into ash. All of these just with some kind of "magic" diet or pill.

The reality is that most weight loss products are a scam. Heck, most fat loss products are overrated. Nowadays, we are surrounded by a lot of hype and false promises...

If someone shared the "secret to weight loss", do you think fat people would still walk the earth?

Or what about that magic fat loss pill that you can just put it into your mouth and melts all the fat without any exercise or diet?

We still see people having problems losing all their fat even if there should be products taking care of this issue

The Change You Can Make Today

In this internet driven era, anyone can be a “guru” overnight. Anyone can start selling the next “magic pill” or “snake oil”. And they are plenty. Products like these come and go each day, each week, month, and year. The sad reality is that there will always be people that will fall into the trap of believing the next shiny diet or product.

I don’t have anything against people selling diet books or supplements. Heck, I know I would buy a book that could teach me how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. Or a supplement I could just take and get lean without dieting or training.

Sadly, the reality is different:

  • Most fat loss supplements don't work
  • Most fat loss diets don't work

We have to get smarter than them.

Look, I will be straight with you. I am not so good at this selling thing. I am just a personal trainer from Romania. I love reading and diving into research and experiment with different fat loss and muscle gaining approaches. We will stick to talking about fat loss here. I found something groundbreaking and I want to share my findings with you. Keep reading and you will see what I mean about that. It just takes like 2 minutes to read the whole thing.

Most of the time, I don’t really find anything ground breaking on medical publication sites. Just studies upon studies validating stuff we’ve already knew about fat loss. I am not into reading blogs nowadays because most information out there is rehashed and poorly rewritten. I’m staying with the main source.

How Researchers Found A Way To Make You Lose Up To 6.6 Pounds In Just 4 Days

Once in a while, there’s something coming up. Studies like this don’t come too often.

Researchers found a way to obtain extreme levels of fat loss. This is not the regular small talk you can hear on the internet. This is verifiable information and results. To tell you the truth, I stumbled upon this study by accident when I was looking for something else. And that’s not all. Here’s what they discovered:

The interesting thing about this study is that it took men between the age of 18-55 and put them on an extreme dieting approach. They were also instructed to do high levels of physical activity.

The measured fat loss was 4.4 pounds in just 4 days with an additional fat loss of 1.5 pounds over the course of the next 3 days. And that’s not all…

The total fat reduction that was possible through this diet was almost 6.6 pounds in just 4 days of extreme dieting and 3 days of normal eating.

The Flaw

When their weight stabilized through normal water intake and eating, their lean body mass loss was 2.2 pounds. Lean body mass means muscle. So these people going on that extreme dieting approach actually lost muscle mass. Should this be a concerning factor to you?

The reality is that most research studies don’t integrate a well programmed exercise program for people joining. They just put the people joining the study, on a certain dieting program but don’t really focus on finding a suitable training program. We can’t really blame the researchers. Their interest was not to focus on a training program or to maintain muscle mass. They wanted to reach extreme levels of fat loss so they invented a dieting protocol.

How I Corrected The Flaw

I’ve tried countless fat loss diets in all the years I’ve been training and dieting. You just name it and I probably tried it. I reached a level of understanding when it comes to fat loss that not many people are capable of. This is why I was capable to do something that these researchers haven’t thought about.

Increase the fat loss and maintain the muscle mass

I wasn’t pleased with their results. I wanted to do something with this dieting approach and make it better. So I started experimenting. First, on myself and after a while, I had people asking me how I was losing so much weight in just 4 days (I reckon, I am a communicative person so I am opened to any questions from people in the gym I usually go to).

What I Discovered

After a few weeks of trying the diet and experimenting with the results, I finally discovered a version of this extreme dieting approach that helped me lose 8.6 pounds in just 4 days and maintained all my muscle mass. I recorded my extreme dieting because I wanted to have the proof if anyone was asking for it.

After a few weeks of trying the diet and experimenting with the results, I finally discovered a version of this extreme dieting approach that helped me lose 8.6 pounds in just 4 days and maintained all my muscle mass. I recorded my extreme dieting because I wanted to have the proof if anyone was asking for it.

Here are the before and after photos of the scale weight. You can see the video recordings inside my private journal area (once you join this course). I will also add the before and after pictures a little lower so keep reading...

1st Day: 190.2

4th Day: 181.6

As you can see, I lost 8.6 pounds in just 4 days. I want to be as transparent as possible. I never imagined I could lose so much fat in just 4 days. I was expecting a fat loss of around 4-5 pounds but 8.6 pounds, never. What does this means to you?

This means I stumbled upon something I had to share with you. The reality is that most people that have a dieting or training approach that works, are not really keen to share their findings. Most people that are taking care of their diets and training don’t really have the time or the interest to do that. They keep the information to themselves. Why would I want to share this valuable information with a stranger?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want this to sound like a sob story. I’m not telling you all of these to bash anyone.

Let me tell you why I think my extreme no nonsense diet is so fantastic:

Get Ready For A Fast Event - Melts Fat Fast

  • You might have a wedding coming in a few days or a special event in your life
  • You might have to drop some weight in just a few days and you don’t know what to do
  • Some people are preparing for certain bodybuilding contests
  • Some people have to lose fat fast so they can enter an operation
  • You can ~insert any other reason why you want to lose fat fast

Now you have the solution.

First of all, this diet works fast. Unlike other diets that take time to show results, with this diet you will see results in just 4 days. You will lose some fat each day. Every morning you’ll be lighter. You will be able to measure the difference in your waistline in just 4 days. If you find a diet that works faster by burning just fat and maintaining all your muscle mass, I will gladly buy it from you and pay you good money for it.

Here’s the results of my 4 days of dieting:

No Hunger

Most diets nowadays make you hungry. They make you eat foods you don’t like. They make you eat like a child. Mine is different. I’ve had clients telling me they can’t eat all the food I told them to eat in a meal. I love food. Seriously. I think I could eat 2 jars of Nutella and still be hungry after that. My friends are always getting impressed by how much I eat when I go out with them. It is weird.

I remember one time when I went to the sea with my friends. Everything was normal. I’m not going into the fun part but jumping straight to the eating part.

One time at a restaurant, we were 5 people. The daily menu was comprised of 1 fried chicken breast with mashed potatoes. Most of them took that menu. I wanted to be that one that orders the last so I could see my friends faces when they saw me with the menus. I ordered 3 menus. When I reached the table, everyone was looking at me with big eyes and couldn’t believe that I could eat so much.

Not only that but after we finished eating, some of my friends couldn’t eat all they had on plate. So I took the scrap and ate it. I know, I know…

I got sidetracked with food stories…

Here’s an example of a meal you will be able to eat on this diet (don’t worry, you won’t be forced to eat so much if you can’t – you will be able to split the food into multiple meals):

This is just a meal from the same day. You will be eating much more than that...

More Energy

This diet melts your body fat like no other. You will feel more energy because you will be eating big meals. You will feel more energy each day until the 4th one.

Simple And Easy

I don’t like complicated stuff. I always try to simplify everything I do. In my life and when it comes to dieting and training. I think that most people overcomplicate things. This is a reason why some people never seem to finish something they start. This is a reason why some people can’t seem to lose fat because they complicate eating and training. This is a reason why some people fear the start.

This diet is very simple. It is easy to follow even if you eat everyday into a restaurant.

Between 10 and 20 Minutes Of Weight Training

Most training programs are hard to follow. They make you train for hours. I cut the training part of this diet to the bare minimum. You will be required to do some weight training. This is the truth. We can’t skip this part if you want to maintain your muscle mass. Of course, you can always skip weight training but if you do so, you will also lose muscle mass.

And let’s be real. If you are required to do just 10-20 minutes of weight training, it’s like almost nothing. You can go into the gym, hit some weights and go out fast (it is almost like a child’s play).

Healthy And Safe

Here comes the interesting part of the diet.

It takes just 4 days to reach the effective level. Nothing less, nothing more

Because of this fact, you won’t have any problems doing it. It seems like 4 is the magic number when it comes to this diet. This diet is probably safer than the way you eat right now. And the fact is that as you lose fat, you are getting healthier.

There are plenty ridiculous diets on the internet that force you to eat certain foods. You won’t be required to do that here. You will chose what you like from a checklist I’ll be giving to you.

This diet might sound good until now. It might sound too good. It might sound just like another hyped diet out there. I want to take that fear and throw it on the window. This is why I am as transparent as possible with you. I will tell you everything you need to know about this diet. The best part comes right after I finish explaining you what you will discover in this diet.

Here’s A Glimpse Of What You’ll Discover

  • Since this diet only takes 4 days from start to finish, you will be saving time, effort, and money with diets and trainings that take a long time to show results (forget about diets that take at least one month to show you the same results – in just a couple of hours, I will give you the keys to lose up to 8.6 pounds of fat, fast)
  • A simple eating secret I always use when I want to eat huge, satisfying, and delicious meals (and you will be able to use it today after you finish reading the book – see page 21)
  • My own notes and 4 day journal I recorded which will take away any guesswork from your part (you will see exactly what I did and ate so I could achieve those results – not only that but this will make sure you don’t do any mistakes – check your email every day because I will be sending you my notes for these 4 days)
  • Easy and fast step by step weight training that takes just 10-20 minutes to complete so you won’t stay hours into a gym
  • A list of supplements that will improve your fat loss, overall performance, and health

But Wait… That’s Not All

I am going to make this offer sweeter for you. If you order right now, I will send you this book along with these bonuses:

I will send you an email to guide and motivate you through these 4 days. Each day you will receive my own personal notes straight in your email (not only that but you will get access to my personal journal and experience with this diet) – It is just like a personal training session with me but costing you nothing

I want you to see with your own eyes the biggest scams and cover-ups the diet and supplement industry are hiding from you. This is why I’m also sending you a book in which I uncover the truth about dieting and supplementing. I’m being as transparent as possible. They don’t like that.

A Promise… An Unusual Guarantee… And A Different Kind Of Half-Price Offer With A Slight Twist For People Who Are Seriously Looking To Lose An Extreme Amount Of Fat

You Can Have This Product Risk Free – All The Risk Is On Me

I’m going to put my money where my mouth is. Read the book, study my journal, look over them as often as you like. Email me after these 4 days and if you don’t succeed to lose fat, I will rush you a full refund. Every penny back. And you get to keep my products.

Not only that but in case you can’t make it work, I’ll not only refund your money but also offer you a free email consultation with me so I can fix it for you. I want to make this as risk free as possible for you.

I am so sure on my product that I know I can offer you this guarantee, money back, plus the consulting part without a worry.

Who can offer you this?

How Much Does It Cost?

  • In all seriousness, most diet books are at least triple the price of mine…
  • Hiring a dietitian will cost you hundreds of dollars and make you eat foods you don’t like in the long run
  • Most personal trainers take ~50$ on just one session and you won’t be able to achieve the same results
  • A hyped fat loss supplement usually costs over 70$ and most of them don’t work
  • Even a basic multivitamin and mineral supplement is over 15$ and it does not help you lose fat
  • A gym membership can vary between 30-200$ and can’t guarantee you results
  • You might think that this course will cost you a fortune. I bet you are probably thinking at over 30$

My no nonsense extreme diet costs just 30$ 15$ 7$

Yes, it is a steal I know but I don’t care about the price as much as I want to show everyone that this diet works. This price is mostly here because I want to be sure you commit to this diet. It is a psychological thing. 90% of people that get motivated into doing something, will start doing it in case they invest time and/or money into that.

If I would make it available to everyone for free, I know more people would download it. But sadly, just a few of those people would try it. Making you pay for it (even if it's just small change), will make you want to use it and see the results. The fact is that you paid for it. Now you want to see the results. And if you'll try it, you will see them fast. In just 4 days!

Click the button bellow and commit to losing an extreme amount of fat in these 4 days!

  • Yes Florin, I want to lose a lot of fat in these 4 days! I accept your risk-free invitation to try your No Nonsense Extreme Diet
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Marinas Florin

The choice is very simple. But we are all human. Psychologically speaking, most of the time when we are asked for a decision, we like to find reasons to put it off:

Waiting for the New Year’s holidays to finish, next month, after you finish something else, right after you *insert any excuse – there’s always a reason or some sort of excuse to delay and procrastinate. I am telling you this because this is what’s usually happening. I know I am sometimes a victim of procrastination and as time passes and I look back, I regret not taking action on many occasions when I could have made a positive change in my life. I lost those chances. Don’t lose yours…

If you want to do something for you, start taking action, start losing fat at a big rate without wasting time, get healthier, skinnier, full of life, full of energy, look better and get compliments…

Click the button bellow and let’s get started right now!

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P.P.S. Remember, I am 100% sure that you will lose a huge amount of fat in these 4 days and I back this up with my 200% money back guarantee. What this means? If by a strange chance you won’t get good results with my extreme diet, I will rush your payment back to you, I will leave the book, gifts, and journal to you completely FREE of charge. Not only that but I’ll also give you a personal consultation with me on mail to make sure you will fix any problem you might have.

By the way, you will receive my book and the gifts in a PDF format in the next few minutes! So…

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