The Only Guide On Quick And Easy Weight Loss Tips You’ll Ever Need

the key to weight loss tipsThere was a time when I also searched for easy weight loss tips or tricks all over the internet with the hope that I will find the secret formula to fat loss.

Days passed, weeks passed, months passed and I thought I was getting better at this weight loss game because of all the tips and tricks I’ve read.

To my disappointment, after a while, all these tips just made my head spin in circles and nothing was clear in my mind. 

The only thing I managed to do by reading everything was to further deepen my mind into a fog of knowledge but not any kind of knowledge.. the bullsh*t one.

What I hope to achieve here is to help you get the “honey” and avoid the “bees” with the least effort. 

You will get my bullsh*t approach to weight loss!

What Is The No Bullsh*t Answer?

Whether you are searching for the secret to quick weight loss, best weight loss tips and tricks or any kind of “fast route” to weight loss, the first thing you must do that will help you achieving weight loss is to stop right there and relearn everything you have been thought about weight loss from reading regular guru websites or anything else.

There are plenty of websites out there that try to offer you “the secretz fast weight loss tipsz” or the “magic bullet” but the sad reality is that most of them are written by people that don’t know anything of value regarding weight loss and are mostly inflating your mind with diet myths.

Most of them use writers or hired persons that just rehash the already bad information that was on the internet and arrange it in other words, so in the end, the myths are still there.

Luckily, if you have found this article, you just made the first step in achieving weight loss and by the end of this article, you will be able to lose weight no matter what.

Before getting straight into the meat of this article, I want to say that everyone is capable to lose weight with effortless and the only requirement needed is to focus and read this article.

You are no different than me or other person that achieved fat loss.

You don’t need to use extreme weight loss tips that you can find on the internet to achieve fat loss.

Because you are already searching for some good and healthy weight loss tips that are not full of fluff, you probably have some problems with your fat loss efforts.

You are not different, you metabolism is no different than mine or any other person, your muscles or nervous system are no different, so the second step you need to take is to drop the notion that you are different.

Don’t ever believe that you can gain weight eating just a few calories daily or that you can lose weight switching certain foods over the others, eliminating some foods, including other foods deemed as good.

There’s no such thing as foods that help you burn fat or negative calorie foods. – clean eating is a scam!

Every diet invented typically tricks you into doing the same thing: eat less.

This “eating less” thing depends on the diet:

  • Some diets trick you into eating a certain food that can keep you full longer so there’s no need for snacking or constantly eating to get that hunger feeling off.
  • Other diets fool you into believing that fats or carbohydrates are the source of all evil and that you should eliminate them completely or partially from your diet.Think a little bit: eliminating something from your diet is already doing the work for you – you have just constructed your “fat loss diet” with the recommendations from a book that tricks you to restrict certain foods and after you stop eating that surplus, the weight loss comes naturally.
  • Almost every bogus diet out there (believe me, there are 100’s of dogmatic diets), ultimately trick you into either eating less or using a certain magic bullet product that should do the work in your place.

Why Is Eating Less A Requirement?

It all has to do with the energy balance equation which states that energy in (the food you eat) versus energy out (the energy you expend daily) = results.

So eating less means you are losing weight no matter what.

Eating more than you expend, means that you will gain weight no matter what.

See? It was pretty simple.

If you still don’t believe me, just look at people that are working in the field all day long or people that were in concentration camps in the past. They simply don’t have time to eat more energy (food) than they expended so they automatically stay thin and don’t gain any weight.

So now that you know the truth, simply counting calories and making sure you eat less than you expend would do the trick.

Even if this is so simple and everybody can do it, there are still people out there constantly complaining that they are eating less calories than expending and still don’t lose weight.

Well, the answer to this issue is pretty simple: they either don’t calculate their caloric intake accurately or they overestimate their caloric requirement.

Research studies are showing that over 50% of people that are self tracking or reporting their caloric intake are overestimating their caloric needs and underestimating their caloric intake.

Of course there are some people that are further sabotaged by their body so they can’t lose weight at a nice pace BUT this all has to do with your will and some small and simple diet tweaks. (I talked extensively about these tips in my book the no bs flexible formula to six pack abs).

Ultimately, even if your body tries to put certain barriers in your face: increased hunger, decreased energy or any other “side effects”, your will should always be higher than what your body throws at you.

Also, there are people that swear they can eat anything in sight and still don’t gain an ounce of weight but the reality is other:their body is helping them burn those excessive calories by increasing their daily activity or if this is not the case, they stay full and feel fine without food in the next day so they will automatically eat less and compensate for their previous higher caloric intake day.

The Final Answer To This Weight Loss Tips Dogma

If your daily energy expenditure is 2500 calories and you ate 2000 calories that day, congratulations, you’ve just lost some weight.

Before you get into the tips, this is what you need to do in order to lose weight: eat fewer calories than you expend!

It’s really that simple!

Calculate your necessary caloric intake, subtract ~500 calories from that maintenance caloric intake and keep the -500 caloric deficit daily.

You will lose weight no matter what!

This image is self explanatory:

if it fits your maccro's

Now that this has been settled, here the no bullsh*t and healthy weight loss tips that I promised:

Plan a realistic weekly weight loss – most people starting a weight loss phase are going with the wrong foot from the start by trying to lose all their fat in the first week, so if the results are less than that, they simple give up. A good realistic weekly weight loss should be anywhere between 1-3 lbs of fat loss/week.

It doesn’t matter if you are going to the gym or not, protein intake should be set a little higher than regular because we don’t want to lose additional muscle mass because of low protein intake (you will lose muscle mass when dieting if you are not going to the gym) – protein intake 1-1.5 g/lb

In the first weeks of your weight loss efforts, you will see fast results (especially in week 1 and 2) but if you hit a plateau, all you need to do is to further cut down your caloric intake until you see results – going down 500 calories and test that intake a few weeks and if you hit a plateau, either raise your activity or further cut down your caloric intake.

If you don’t know how find out your caloric requirements, read my tutorial: how many calories per day I should eat in order to lose weight.

Remember these:

  1. You are not special
  2. Your metabolism isn’t different
  3. Your genetics are not worse than mine
  4. If you don’t eat less than you expend you will lose weight
  5. You need rest days
  6. The energy balance equation still applies to your body
  7. You don’t need to eat 94 meals, every 2 seconds to “spice up your metabolism” – sarcasm
  8. Skipping breakfast is alright
  9. There are no secret quick weight loss tips
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