Why Using Safflower Oil For Weight loss Is Nonsense

safflower oil for weight lossPlenty people believe that using safflower oil specifically for weight loss or suppressing appetite is a good thing because it’s cheap, available and his effects sound good.

Safflower oil is made from safflower which is herbaceous annual plant that is mainly cultivated for vegetable oil extraction.

Did you know that the safflower plant is basically one of the oldest crops that exist on earth?

Archaeologist found dyes and garlands made from safflower in the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Anyways, leaving aside the short archaeology lesson, we are mostly interested in safflower oil specifically used for weight loss.

I want to point out that most studies that found a positive correlation between the use of safflower oil and weight loss are done on rats – but if you are reading this and I’m writing this, we are not rats so from start, we’ll exclude these options.

One plausible study I’ve found is the one in which researchers took 55 people and compared safflower oil versus CLA – a supplement promoted for weight loss, to see which is more effective in promoting fat loss.

The study showed that people using safflower oil lost more abdominal fat than those using CLA.

Well, CLA does crap when it comes to fat loss and there’s no good study to show that CLA is effective for weight loss in humans.

Even if this research study examined safflower oil weight loss, there are too many problems with it but I’ll list the most important ones:

  1. From those 55 participants, 20 dropped
  2. All the participants were postmenopausal women with diabetes (type II I might say)
  3. While safflower oil is considered an omega 6 supplement, the reality is that we don’t really need additional omega 6 fatty acids because we get plenty of them from normal day to day oil ingestion.
  4. The caloric intake wasn’t carefully measured

So then, why would ingesting more omega 6 should help us with weight loss?

It doesn’t make any sense.

Anyways, there’s no research study that shows a direct correlation between safflower oil and weight loss.

I am still waiting for that “secret” ingredient that should help us lose weight irrespective of caloric intake but there are none.. YET


  1. There’s no genuine evidence to show that safflower oil weight loss is possible.
  2. Safflower oil by itself won’t cause any weight loss because caloric intake still matters.
  3. There’s no need for purchasing any “uber-duber” safflower oil supplement or oil because most of them are just marketing gimmicks – the easy fix is to simply go to the grocery store and buy one from there if you really want to try it or you like the taste.

Are you using safflower oil for weight loss or just as a cooking oil?

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  1. Frank Z. Martin says:

    The trouble is that on Dr. Oz’s website, he doesn’t promote safflower oil for weight loss. In fact, his sponsored writer says it is way too soon to start using safflower oil .

  2. Robert Strasser says:

    Safflower or any oil for weight loss is bogus. This is just marketing to those looking for any easy way out of their weight problem.
    The study you referred to was supported by Cognis. Cognis is a worldwide supplier of specialty chemicals and nutritional ingredients. They make CLA. An unrestricted monetary gift and dietary oils were donated by Cognis for the study. What are the odds the researches would produce a report contrary to their sponsor’s wishes?

    • Leaving aside that detail, the conclusion is still the same. Safflower oil for weight loss is just a marketing nonsense (as you also stated). Thanks for leaving a comment

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