Shapeshifter Body Redesign No Bs Review – Is It A Scam?


Yet another bodyweight program that promises a different approach to training, nutrition and mindset, which made a nice hole in my  pocket BUT to my disappointment, there were some flaws associated with it.

I’ve heard about it from some blogs as there were people asking if it’s effective and the available reviews were written in such a strange way that every one of them gave them a positive go to.

Seeing so many products and so many fake reviews, nowadays I’m skeptic with the majority of the new diet and training programs that come out BUT even if I can spot the BS before I get it, in order to keep people at a safe distance from these full of BS and marketing products that don’t really help as they should, I purchase them just to give everyone an accurate and transparent review.

Let’s see what’s the thing with the “shapeshifter body redesign”

First we will take a look at the page where the product is being sold:


So far so good. The header looks nice, graphics and animations are nice BUT this is not what we want from a product that promises us weight loss and muscle mass.

Next Thing About Shapeshifter Body Redesign – Review


Interesting print screen I must say. That Ryan Murdock guy clearly has some “muscle mass” on his bones and also looks smart so he probably knows his stuff right ?

Here’s what he is stating:

Shapeshifter Body Redesign BS nr 1

Nice theory, laughable in practice.

If your diet and training program is in check you should LOSE only FAT and MAINTAIN all the MUSCLE mass. And if we take a look back at the first pictures, the soft physique is clearly his…

Let’s continue with his statement nr. 2:

Shapeshifter Body Redesign scam BS nr 2

“focus on laser-targeted process of loosing fat” <-  this can’t be serious

“adding or toning muscles in just the right places” <- “ I only want abs, the rest of the muscles I don’t care”

the joker no sure if serious about training and diet program

If you are a reader of, you should have the answer to “toning” muscles and losing fat dogma, so what this guy is saying is completely BS.

If you are not convinced, let’s proceed to more bullsh*t/scam talk:


Yeah, you’ll have problems with hormones if you don’t get any fat into your diet but almost any person that walks this planet gets that required fat from his diet even without knowing as most of the foods contain fat. Even crackers.

Also, he tells us that our body will start burning carbohydrates and that will result in our body’s normal caloric expenditure to malfunction and store fat over the long term.

And what’s up with all these animated characters ?

All he can show you is some pictures of nice graphics but in reality his body is nowhere to be praised. I hate it when guys like him just hide in the back of some drawings.

bs nr 4 carb confusion

Sounds good, let’s see the theory behind:

bs nr 5

Confuse your body ???

Again, this guy is clearly completely clueless of what he says regarding nutrition in every aspect and still follows the old carb dogma by throwing big words like carb confusion.

There is no such thing as body “confusion” or all that cr*p. There’s only a balanced diet, respecting caloric intake and a nice exercise program.. oh lord..


cortisol shapeshifter BS

Yes, don’t stress your life in any way and you should have a flat belly (NOT). Of course stress is not a healthy thing for anybody but let’s be real: stress levels don’t really have something to do with bodyweight in general, only in case you are a person that eats tons of food if you are stressed BUT this can be easily controlled.

Now that we got past his BS page where he is selling the product, let’s see if this product is actually a good one:

The shapeshifter body redesign program is composed by 3 main components

  • Workout
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle

Each of them explained:

  1. Workout section you will find a library of common bodyweight exercises (nothing special, you can find every move on youtube).
  2. Diet – this section mostly contains BS information on carb cycling, meal frequency (BS) and interestingly enough, intermittent fasting (though his recommendations are just plain lame).
  3. Lifestyle – bogus motivational and “flexibility” information that you can find everywhere

Conclusion To Shapeshifter Body Redesign Scam

Basically what you get in this over-expensive package is just plain bodyweight exercises coupled with nutrition dogma that is both dangerous and not updated. What I like about this product is all of the marketing this guy tried to do in order for his product to score some su***rs.

A sound training program that takes advantage of the correct principles of progressive overload, coupled with a flexible approach to dieting or bulking is the only thing that you should know in order to reach your goals with ease. Don’t get into the trap of these marketers !

The BS meter in this product is not only fried but also needs to be replaced.

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