Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Scam – You Will Be Surprised Of This Review

I thought I’ve seen them all … all type of BS diets, training programs and/or one click software that promise to give you the answer that you seek in what’s the best approach or system to reach your bodybuilding goals.

This product smells of BS/scam from the start by it’s “interesting” name – “somanabolic muscle maximizer

The difference between this review and every other review that you can find on the web is that I am transparent and will always tell you the truth regarding a product.

I only make a positive promotion of a product in which I trust, gave me results and really works.

In order to get that for you, I went ahead and purchased this book and surprise… what did I found inside ?

A video, some guides and an excel file (It wouldn’t be a problem if these were actually useful).

What the heck is this, who created this “usefull,almighty,working” solution ?

The Creator

The creator of the BS product is Kyle Leon.

In all these years of reading and researching on every topic related to bodybuilding, I stumbled upon many frauds and scammers, and this guy is one of these “fitness spiders” that put their web on the internet so a victim (you) will be impressed by their videos in which they explain you that it’s not your fault that you are fat (no insult intended) and they were like you, developed the “super secret formula to fat loss and muscle mass” and they will pass it to you almost free.

somanabolic muscle maximizer scam bullsh*t nr 1

Duh..Yeah right.. Continue reading to find out why this is a total bullsh*t.

What Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Pretends To Give You

The almighty system that will keep you lean all year round, help you pack on muscle mass and lose fat which in turn will give you women.

Everything you need, yes ?

NO !

There is no such thing as a “somanabolic” way of eating because our bodies are basically the same physiologically and we function the same way in the big picture.  What matters the most are calories and not some bogus invented system just to make a guy some bucks because he learnt how to fool people into buying the scam he is selling.

kyle leon landing page picture BS

The Product – Is Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer A Scam?

Basically, this “super awesome” product is just an excel file transformed into a meal planer and calorie tracking software which fails on so many scales that I would bore you to death if it were for me to list all the BS here.

Let’s see the product:

somanabolic muscle maximizer excell program screenshot

In reality, you get no value or nothing useful because if you’ve read my site, you have everything you need in order to not even take a look at this program.

the truth somanabolic muscle maximizer diet

Again, putting all the blame on the supplement industry just to get through your BS barriers but luckily I had enough and decided to dispel all of these books that offer no value whatsoever.

I don’t really support the supplement industry either but I must say that the benefits and flexibility some supplements offer me is just too huge not to be considered.

I was speaking just from the perspective of this person that was trying to find a problem for your situation and take advantage of that.


This product takes the BS meter to a whole new level and wastes your time with an incredible force by keeping your eyes stick to the screen when you see his presentation video. You can also call it somanabolic muscle maximizer scam because this is what he tries to do.

You will be better to look at some alternative products that offer you real value:

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