The 4 Hour Body Diet By Tim Ferris – A No Bs Review

The 4 hour body diet by tim ferris review cover exampleThe 4 hour body diet book was written by Tim Ferris who is an “entrepreneur” and “author” as Wikipedia stated and as we know, Wikipedia is most of the time right so no history of bodybuilding or nutritional background for this guy, just a business man (and a clever one).

This review will be a long one BUT I suggest you read it all word for word because you will receive the most transparent review that you can find on the internet on this book.

Interestingly enough, this book got over 100 reviews on amazon the first day it went out and many users speculated that the reviews were bought OR personal assistants of this Tim Ferriss guy have inflated the review count with positive 5 stars.

Clever… really clever but unfortunately here I am getting almost the single Tim Ferriss 4 hour body diet review out there that’s genuine(I don’t care to promote fakes and crocks just to earn money!).

He starts with introducing certain stories to the readers (clever guy this Tim Ferris is) and like everyone would say “ But the stories are interesting and probably true so why do you start bashing him?”

Answer: “ Yes, the stories are definitely interesting BUT would you spend your time reading 500 pages and in the end, realizing that you just wasted your time  (if you realize that) or start using his advice and not seeing near close results to what he promotes?

After some “blabling” around, he goes in depth explaining how to measure your bodyfat levels and how to prepare a sound plan.

Alright, this information is basic at best and non important at all because it can be found freely on the internet.

Wasting more pages and getting the necessary fluff so the book could be huge, he goes on talking on before and after pictures, how you should do them, blah blah… really nothing useful here.

Another interesting point: “How to lose 20 pounds in 30 days without exercise “

tottally bullshit cat of the 4 hour body diet by tim ferris

So he goes on and gives us the 3 “secret rules”:

  • Avoid “white” carbohydrates
  • Eat the same few meals over and over again
  • Don’t drink calories
  • Don’t eat fruit
  • Take one day off per week

Are you serious?

Just take a look again at what recommendations this guy makes. They shouldn’t even be written on a toilet paper in all seriousness.

He continues by talking about some invented “slow carb diet” , he talks about optimizing hormones, plant extracts, mastering temperature and other idiotic things not even worth mentioning when everything it takes to lose fat is to adjust your calorie intake by finding out how many calories per day you should eat to lose weight.

There is no magical herb or food that will magically strip your fat off your belly.

These are just some made up things just to make it sound more “advanced” and fluffy so everyone will want to get their hands on it.

Another “interesting” chapter is “how to gain 34 pounds in 28 days” and I don’t even need to tell you how full of BS is this chapter and the answer is simple : eat like a pig and don’t care about fat gain and you will probably gain even more.

In reality, the maximum muscle gains for a natural bodybuilder are like 1-2 pounds per month in the first year of training and after that, the muscle gain rates are even lower so all you would gain is definitely fat.

One of the most sought chapters in the book are about sexual life improvement.

All I can say about it is that I’ve read better courses than this and with videos to explain it so the advice here is a just basic ones that you can find free on the internet.

This is getting long so I’ll make it shorter: again, he continues talking about sex-hormone binding globulin,  improving testosterone levels with certain foods (BS), improving sperm count and other things that only makes it even more complicated without any real application that would work.

What The 4 Hour Body Diet By Tim Ferris Book Should Teach You – Review

the 4 hour body diet by tim ferris explanation

What I like:

Correcting movement and fixing imbalances chapter has some nuggets but nothing that would make it a better book

What Is BULLS*T (BS)

  1. Different sources of calories = different results – he starts preaching that if you get 1000 calories from let’s say fat, compared to 1000 calories from carbohydrates, the result is different (strong broscience here)
  2. Breakfast within 30 minutes of walking and 200 calorie meals spaced every 2-3 hours – again the same crap recommendations that “weight lifting guru’s” with no experience preach
  3. Every supplements that he recommends are completely BS and without scientific studies to show their effectiveness
  4. The diets he recommends are completely BS and the names are made up
  5. He doesn’t even know how blood glucose monitoring works
  6. Testosterone manipulation
  7. The diets presented

How to perform the conventional deadlift part in the book – if you would’ve seen the pictures the laugh would be so huge that I would fear for your life.

If you have the book, before you look at the pictures, I would suggest you to read the ultimate guide to deadlifts: How to do the barbell deadlift exercise with proper technique/form

“How to add 100 pounds to your bench press” is explained in some detail but there’s really nothing SECRET.

Eat well, train well, rest and grow.

Other chapters like: how to swim, hold your breath, living forever and the closing chapters, are again, information that’s been thrown there just for the sake of making this book “complete”

Conclusion For The 4 Hour Body Diet By Tim Ferris

What you will learn from this book is: how to tell a story, how to measure your bodyfat, exercise is good so do it frequently, play games and contests with your friends.

There you have it. The most transparent Tim Ferriss 4 hour body review.

The good portion from this book can be written in just a few words.

The 4 hour body amazing diet BS book just made our BS meter explode, literally. All you can find here are stories (I must say that they are interesting) but this has nothing to do with getting faster, stronger, better and enjoying your sexual life better.

This book really has the potential to get the title “ The best compilation of BS of all times “.

The 10 years of experiments, 100 scientists consulted (as said in the promotional clip) was just a big and potent lie to make you trust his book.

All I see in this book is that Tim Ferris had a good idea which was marketed successfully and made his pockets full. In all seriousness , I wasted some days reading this pile of cr*p from which I learnt some good stories and that’s all folks.

And as a reminder, I may be the only transparent guy here that is not promoting his book and if you want to see for yourself, just take a look at other reviews or skim into amazon reviews. Most of the Tim Ferriss 4 hour body reviews are positive 5 stars but the interesting ones that you should seek are from the people that got let down wasting their time with this book.

Of course it might be a good book in the eyes of a newbie or a person that just wants to start getting a little better BUT to people like me who have years under their belt and learnt how to differentiate BS from truth, this book is just another letdown full of good stories.

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  1. I’ve heard that his book was awesome until I read this review. Thank you for getting my eyes opened

  2. KenyonMarsden says:

    like others, I was one of his “victims” and got the book.. the 4 hour body diet is just another letdown from the fitness industry that these guru’s are promoting.. oh well, at least now I know what I should get next time.

  3. I guess that this is just another BS book as you say and I will just get another one

  4. What would you recommend instead, Florin?

  5. alaamberska says:

    Are the ice baths bs?

  6. You talk about topics listed in the book but did you try them yourself or is it just personal opinion that it will not work? There is always some form of scientific research to trump your statements of research. It’s always been that way and will remain that way. Not everyone that follows your method’s will end up like you. Your 25 habits are what worked for you, but it may not work for me. I have seen several posts that contradict your writings about this book and how it is useless. For me, I tend to look at more than one resource to ensure whether or not it’s worth the read. I’d suggest doing the same rather than listen to one persons take. Just my opinion. Also, Ice baths and cold showers have huge benefits. Look Wim Hof and for exercise, Pavel T. They contradict what you say but what do they know, right?

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