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best no bullshit bodybuildingWelcome to my best posts section where you can find every “golden” post I’ve written (I will actually update this page as I get more “honey” out on the “window”).

I have lots of posts on my website so it’s quite hard for me to chose the best of them but I decided to do the hard work for you and organize my best content around.

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dispelling the most comon myths

If you are not familiar with some general myths that are circulating on most common health and fitness blogs, forums and other platforms, here are some myths that are potentially dangerous if you still believe them as genuine.

I would advise you to read every one of them. Why?

You will discover that most of what media is telling you, is completely bogus and potentially harmful.

Here are the links to my best myth discovering posts:

  1. The Truth About 6 Meals A Day Plans/Meal Frequency Myth That Promises Better Weight Loss
  2. Spot Reduction Myth
  3. Bcaa Usage Side Effects
  4. Eggs And Cholesterol Issue
  5. Spot Reduction Myth
  6. 6 Meals/Day – Meal Frequency Myth
  7. Aspartame Side Effects
  8. Clean Eating Exists?
  9. Slow Metabolism And Metabolic Damage
  10. HIIT High Intensity Interval Training vs Steady State Cardio
  11. Hypnosis For Weight Loss Myths

training programs no bs

You can find countless training programs on the internet, magazines or by asking people around you. But what will guarantee that you won’t waste time and effort by doing that program?

If you didn’t know by now, people looking at their best and being on steroids are way better than me or you in every physical aspect you can think of: they are faster, stronger, better. This is one of the reason why they can stay 3-4 hours in the gym and lift like crazy and still have plenty of energy to carry on the day as nothing has happened.

So what? You ask me?

Well, most of the programs we can find on the internet are typical steroid user weight training routines that are not suitable for a natural body like yours or mine. They are probably overkill for most of us and not optimized for what our body can do, hypertrophy wise. This is why there are people training for years on these kind of programs and still look like a beginner.

I made a top of the best training programs that are proven to work time after time (I also used them).

  1. Madcow 5×5
  2. Starting Strength
  3. The texas method
  4. Upper lower split routine

exercise techniques

The three main lifts are the barbell squat, the good ol’ bench press and let’s not forget the deadlift.

Learning to do these moves the right way is a crucial step in every lifter’s TO DO list!

It is commonly said that these three moves can get a lifter strong, fit and proportionate even if they are the only moves you will ever do.


The supplement industry and most fat loss/muscle gaining guru’s, are promoting everything that hits the market and believe me, I see them coming out daily!

The “new and improved ubber bullshit formula that will help you pack on muscle mass faster” <- utter crap.

You can simply get ahead of these scammers by reading their supplement label.

If you see the words: “secret”, “formula”, “cutting edge” or other “blah blah” words just like these, you can pretty much 100% skip it.

The only supplements you will ever need and that are proven to work are the following:

  • A protein powder
  • A recovery/general enhancement supplement (based on caffeine or creatine)
  • A general health supplement (multivitamins, fish oild, etc.)
  • OPTIONAL: Pre Workout Supplements

Bellow, you can learn the right way to supplement your body (and you will be surprised how few supplements you really need – and even those are pretty much optional):

  1. Top Protein Powders
  2. Muscle Recovery Supplements
  3. Vitamins And Minerals Supplements
  4. Pre Workout Supplements

how to get six pack abs

I felt that I should really make a separate category for these posts because there are so many people looking for this answer and I can’t stand seeing nonsense spread around like flies.

I hope this gets settled once and for all:

  1. How to get six pack abs
  2. How to get rid of love handles fast

bodybuilding advice

Getting your body to a better shape is not a passive thing. It involves constant work, nutrition thinking and also action before getting the body you have dreamed of.

However, a great body is a healthy machine and will also make you a visual beauty for other people around you. Adding to this, you can really motivate other people to get started in the health journey you have taken.

The ability to get better, needs to be constantly trained!

Bellow are some of my best posts that will help you get some more fundamental nutrition and training advice that you can use right away:

  1. How many calories per day do I need in order to lose weight
  2. How much protein do I need to build muscle
  3. Fitday software – caloric tracking
  4. Intermittent fasting for weight loss
  5. Should you cycle creatine
  6. 5 foods to never eat list
  7. Fasted Cardio
  8. Pre and post workout nutrition
  9. How to bulk up
  10. How fast can you gain muscle
  11. Juicing for weight loss
  12. How to do a deload week
  13. Fasting for weight loss
  14. Glycemic index charts
  15. How to lose fat and gain muscle
  16. Why I am so fat
  17. Why we get fat

food differences

This is also a section that certain “guru’s” or supplement companies try to exploit. These people invariably try to make you believe  there’s a better alternative to any kind of food out there and that the other solution is healthier, better, cleaner or whatever you want to call it. Examples of this correlation is: white bread vs whole wheat bread, etc.

For most of the time, when we examine foods that are considered as bad or of low value, with foods that are considered clean or a must in every dieter’s arsenal, the usual trend I observe is that there’s almost no difference between one and the other.

See with your own eyes a close examination of the most common food “wars”:

  1. Sweet potatoes vs yams
  2. Brown rice vs white rice

can't miss pages

Lastly, there are 2 main pages on this blog that no one can’t miss because they contain some of the most valuable information that I gave out:

Books that will get you shredded – which is the second most visited page of my blog and on which you can get additional resources that will help you lose fat, gain muscle or strength to achieve your main goal.

Recommended Supplements – Here I listed all the supplements I personally recommend for my clients, people that ask me and also some of which I personally use  (as a hint, I got the best prices :) ).

Big Nonsense FAT Lies – is an ebook that I specially created that will show you exactly how to avoid/overcome and plateau that might be getting in your way to fat loss, muscle gaining or strength.

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