Don’t Ever Try The Tapeworm Diet – Here’s Why

a usual tapeworm from the tapeworm dietThe tapeworm diet in a nutshell is just manually done infestation with adult parasitic flatworms known as tapeworms or cestodes.

Did you know that you can get this infestation if you eat undercooked food and once they are in your digestive tract, a larva can grow into a huge adult which can measure up to 15 meters long and survive even 20 years – I wouldn’t really want to get one of these inside me.

Well, the thing is that there are some people that will do anything they can just to shed a few unwanted pounds.

Because of the new internet era, you can pretty much buy anything on the internet and a worm is just another “item” that can be found easily for a small price of ~1500$.

Hong Kong “dieters” were amongst the first ones that ingested giant intestinal roundworm eggs just to lose weight and these worms also became available as egg pills in mexico while being banned in countries like Britain and U.S.

Even if they are banned in some countries, you can still get tapeworm egg pills pretty easily on the internet.

Dangers Of The Tapeworm Diet

While I wouldn’t recommend this diet to anybody who wants to get healthier and lose weight, you should know the dangers you are exposing yourself when ingesting these pills:

  • Intestinal Blockage
  • Malnutrition
  • Liver Cysts
  • Brain Cysts
  • Eye Cysts
  • Spinal Cord Cysts
  • Rebound weight gain is almost sure to happen
  • Swollen of the stomach

What happens inside your digestive system if you have a worm is pretty ugly: it can affect your absorption of nutrients and digestion which in turn means that you are able to consume more calories than usual and still lose weight.

The negative thing that happens in your body is that this parasite will compete for vitamins, minerals and many other important nutrients with your body so the end result can be nutritional deficiency.

The usual weight loss is 2 lbs/week and when it is medically administrated, the medic kills the worm after the desired weight was lost.


I think that everybody agrees that the tapeworm diet is too risky for its small benefits which can be imitated with a good diet like my no nonsense flexible diet or any other diet book from these top books.

Let’s not even talk about wasting time because all of your weight loss will probably come back after the worm is eliminated.

I don’t think that risking your life and health over something that can be achieved so easily, in our case, fat loss, is worth your health.

And believe me, if you currently struggle with weight loss, start by reading my new starting page.

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