The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review – Is Mike Geary A Scam?

The truth about six pack abs was one of the products that really convinced me to get it as fast as possible just when it first appeared on the web and in the end of this review, I hope you will know what to do.

Again, like other products that try to convince you to buy them on the base of reviews, this one not only had tons of reviews but most of them were positive (I mean all of them).

Years after my first purchase, I remember something that I couldn’t forget even now about this product and which I’ll put in this truth about abs review:

truth about abs scam review

Shocking truth is that these points are full of BS because:

  • There is no food that burns belly fat ( you can’t spot reduce fat )
  • You can eat any food you want
  • Lifelong success motivation secrets (BS)
  • The trick to reduce junk food cravings -> simple, just let some space for these “junk foods”
  • You can’t burn strictly abdominal fat with exercise as you need the diet in check and the fat will come off
  • The truth of flat abs without bogus pills -> again, blame the supplement industry that you can’t get out a quality product that will really help people get a nice body

You won’t believe what I discovered when I’ve read the manual. Duh… (hint)

The truth about six pack abs was written by Michael D. Geary (yet another certified nutritionist and personal trainer).

He starts with the usual introduction and some facts about abs (which are plain useless to read because you can find that information on Wikipedia for free), after which he continues with the good versus the bad ab exercises.

I want to point out that there are no good or bad abdominal exercises, just common sense training and a good diet.

He then goes further in explaining every abdominal exercise on earth.

Warning, BS ab exercise database following from the truth about six pack abs review : hanging leg raises, hanging knee raises, lying leg thrusts, decline board leg thrusts, abdominal bicycles, stability ball ab crunches,bench crunches, alternating ab crunches, weighted cable rope crunches, ab wheel, stability ball hip flexion.

If you didn’t had enough of ab exercises, take a look on more recommendations:

  • Straight leg bridge with double leg curl on stability ball
  • Straight leg bridge with single leg curl on stability ball
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Mountain Jumpers
  • Opposite raise from four point position
  • Opposite raise from push-up position
  • Medicine ball or cable lateral chopping on stability ball
  • Reverse back/hip extensions on stability ball
  • Breakdancers

Now it feels like the abdominal exercises are without an end (there are some exercises that even I, haven’t heard about them or at least the way he names them).

After you see all these exercises listed and explained step by step, he goes further into giving you abdominal exercises only.

funny six pack abs memeWHAT ?

The workouts you get, are only ab exercises and this is plain stupid and potentially dangerous for your spine (continuous bend of your lower back is not recommended) and as demonstrated and showed by many people who GET through these fakes and reach the truth, the only way you will ever see your abs is by dieting and keeping all of your muscle mass under a sound nutritional plan (just like I explained in my book).

No amount of abdominal exercises will ever make your abdomen visible without a sound nutritional plan which in this book is plain BS.

He continues with cardio and his advices are again, without research to back up as he recommends high intensity interval cardio as the BEST solution to cardio when it’s demonstrated by research and actual practical data that high intensity interval training and steady state cardio have the same effects on body composition.

Would you rather “give your soul” 5 minutes on the treadmill and drop down or would you take a nice walk in the park for 15 minutes which would yield similar results?

Again, bogus information everywhere.

Continuing reading the truth about six pack abs scam, you will get some exercises explained (shallow) and he’ll jump you straight into bodyweight exercising.

It’s like half of this book is plain useless because Michael D. Geary is just wasting writing space with explanation of the exercises when in reality, the same exercises can be found on the internet and explained way better than he does.

Michael D. Geary goes on by talking about insulin and glicemic index, again giving recommendations without the support of research when it’s demonstrated that in order to lose weight, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is the energy balance equation: calories ingested – calories expedited = result.

More bs information that you will find in truth about abs

  • Fat is evil (saturated) when in reality the truth is far away (no macronutrient is evil per se, calories matter)
  • Different teas help with weight loss – again doesn’t matter if your caloric intake is in check

Conclusion To “The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review”

I don’t really know why all people are promoting this “truth about abs” book as all the reviews that you can find are positive and the amount of BS and FAKE’NESS found in the majority of other reviews is outstanding.

They don’t care how you feel or how you struggle with losing weight, they just want to sell a book and take the money BUT we won’t allow that anymore.

I hope that my truth about abs review opened your eyes and I know I helped you make a good decision and avoid the mistake of getting this BS book.

Let’s make a change, let’s force them to go away and only let the people with real solutions stand up!

Great alternatives that I recommend and which will definitely help you lose fat or build muscle:

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