Tom Venuto’s Holy Grail Body Transformation Review

tom venuto holy grail body transformation review ecoverInteresting how I found a program that has the words “holy grail” included in its name.

I always look for these products with a “second eye” because most of them are just rubbish creations with the sole intent to capture people’s eye and sell them dreams.

This happened until I saw who created this course, namely “Tom Venuto” which is a huge name when it comes to fat loss because he created one of the pioneering fat loss programs called Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle which I also reviewed here.

Burn the fat feed the muscle is one of the best fat loss books out there and I like it because it’s full of gold information regarding diet and training which is hardly heard nowadays because of so many bs products coming daily on the market. 

The Nutrition Chapters

Anyways, getting back to Tom Venuto’s holy grail body transformation product, basically what he tried to do here was to create a “protocol” that would help anyone lose fat while gaining muscle mass.

I talked about the subject of gaining muscle while losing fat and even after I have read this book, it didn’t changed my mind.

I can say without a doubt that there’s a general “fail” when people try to do two things at once and try to do them good, and this also applies in the nutrition and training area.

Tom Venuto starts this journey of fat loss while gaining muscle mass by explaining this topic in detail, looking at each issue surrounding it.

I pretty much enjoyed refreshing my mind with that chapter.

I won’t make this holy grail body transformation review too long because I don’t want to waste time so I’ll get to meat of this course.

The main issue that is covered in this book is of course, a body recomposition diet, carefully created by alternating daily caloric intake in such a way that a person should “lose fat while gain muscle mass”.

The principle is well thought because this is one of the few methods that can be practiced with real result expectations.

I like how Tom organized the information in this book, especially when analyzing yearly circles of bulking and cutting and also daily and weekly variations in caloric intake.

He also does a wonderful job when examining different dietary strategies like alternating dieting days with feeding days ranging from 3 days of dieting with 2-3 days of refeeding to 3 days of dieting with 1 day of refeeding and also carbohydrate days.

His caloric cycling ideas are mainly based on carbohydrate cycling when looking how he manipulates daily carbohydrate intake.

Alright, the nutrition part of this program is nicely organized and presented in detail and easy to understand way.

The Training Program

The holy grail body transformation is yet another book that lacks in presenting a good training program along with the nicely presented diet.

Most of the training program is based on resistance training and I liked it how Tom explained it without getting in too much details.

The sample training program is covered under the name of “The new bodybuilding” and is basically a simple 3-4 days/week resistance training program that is a combination of hypertrophy work and heavy strength training.

I also liked how he presented and suggested low intensity cardio to be done.

The Main Flaw

Most of the book is a good read I might say and you will really learn some good ideas and dietary strategies that actually work but the biggest flaw of this book is how all this information is integrated.

I didn’t liked the fact that Tom didn’t gave a proper attention on bounding each piece together to form the “holy grail program”.

Tom also constructed a meal plan section, a food database section, and he also talked about the topic of daily energy balance which are basically considered fillers in my eyes but nonetheless

The Holy Grail Body Transformation Review Conclusion

If I were to chose between this book and burn the fat feed the muscle, I would without a doubt chose the latter.

Burn the fat feed the muscle is one of the best books on fat loss that will actually give you a well put diet and training program when compared to the holy grail body transformation which is basically a harder to achieve diet and you will probably have a hard time integrating all its elements together.

I don’t say that this reviewed book is useless because it isn’t.

It certainly makes a good point and presents a nicely put explanation on caloric and macronutrient cycling and for its price is a good read.

Tom Venuto did a good job in looking at the topic of gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time.


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