Visual Impact Muscle Building Review – Why You Should Avoid It

visual impact muscle building reviewThere are too many diet book reviews so I thought of doing one review on a book that was “dedicated” mostly for training.

A training program that promises something to the reader and actually delivers so the reader will be happy with the progress over time and recommend it further.

I stumbled upon visual muscle building and immediately, I sensed something wrong on the page where Rusty Moore (the creator) sells it:

Visual Impact Muscle Building Sales Page Review 1

Ok, let’s go over it and suppose that it was something genuine and he actually has something good in this book so that our gained muscle mass won’t “go to the wrong places”.

Here is what I concluded from reading this book

Visual Impact Muscle Building Review – In-Depth

What I Like

The pictures inside the book

What I Don’t Like About Visual Impact Muscle Building

  1. The presumption that the big 3 lifts will make your waist larger
  2. Programming the workouts in 3 “phases” which are a BS from the start
  3. Bad programming of the workout sessions – too much volume and exercises ( he clearly doesn’t have a clue what a proper programming would mean )
  4. In Phase II he drops squats and only favors deadlifts (again, the big legs and waist problem – duh..)
  5. His nutrition recommendations are laughable in the best case because I LMAO when I looked at his protein recommendations which are 0.6-0.7 for building mass and strength.Really ?
  6. He recommends fasted training with no pre workout nutrition whatsoever (intermittent fasting was discussed here)
  7. He recommends skipping squats in favor of running because “body weight movements works the legs properly” and preaches the same old “functional training” dogma that he doesn’t even understands.
  8. He gives you an alternative “phase 1” workout plan without a proper leg training (he only puts upper body 4 times a week ) and spits out the saying that HIIT will be enough for your legs.
  9. Exercise demonstration book – for me is just another throw up in the package that has no added value just because most of the exercises listed there can be found better explained on youtube or on some video sharing website
  10. Workout charts – this can’t be serious…

What Is The Biggest Pile Of … That This Author Said

WARNING, extreme amounts of BS present in the book so take a cross with you in case you got it before you’ve read my review

Here Is The BS:

not sure if serious visual impact training scam picture“So how are you going to add those 5-6 pounds of fat free muscle in 3 weeks?”

“Answer—> Creatine! Creatine will build up that sarcoplasmic hypertrophy in

the absence of any extra calories. You will be able to load those muscle cells

to the max and your skin will tighten up around your full and dense muscles.”

I don’t even have words to say how angry I am that there are still guys out there that are promoting the BS in the fitness industry and reach to such a HIGH LEVEL.

I mean, just read it again and try to visualize the muscle getting into your  stomach and up on your hands and chest (NOT serious).

That affirmation has no scientific research to back it and my final guess is that this guy probably uses some interesting and sharp needles to get that body because he clearly doesn’t have a clue on how to eat, train and even use supplements.

You can’t build muscle mass in absence of calories PERIOD

Conclusion Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

I can’t stress you enough how much BS is inside this package.

Now, from the standpoint of wasting your time, sure, you will waste some hours until you finish reading this crap but the biggest problem is that you don’t have anything GOOD to learn from this book.

I did reviews of bigger books, take for example Will Brink’s bodybuilding reveled book which is a 600 + page book and I found some flaws here and there but most of the information is actual genuine and worth reading for learning something.

I hope that my visual impact muscle building review opened your eyes and saved you time and bad information from flowing in your head (my head hurts when I read these kind of books ).

If you want some good books that are worth reading, check out the best books in each category by reviews:

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  1. Kenyon Burke says:

    Had I read this review faster, I would have helped my pocket better. I also agree that visual impact muscle building is a bad book

  2. HarrisonKuame says:

    From those books that you recommend, which is the best alternative to this fat loss book?

  3. Florin, you’re right. The book is full of nonsense (the 3 lift to avoid, hiit instead of squats, the fear to become “too big”, the muscle density workouts to avoid the “soft look”).

  4. I comment each time I like a article on a site or I have something to add to the discussion.
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  5. Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

  6. This looks like an great workout. I’m 28 yrs 5’7 weighing 240 lbs.
    I truly wish to focus on reducing weight and leaning up.
    I’m able to construct mass later. Can i accomplish excellent weight-loss with this schedule with out
    cardio or must cardio be accomplished on days I don’t do this schedule?

  7. I liked the product.

    Could be a bunch of BS — but why this thing works for people who’ve tried ?

    Included me.

    • Tyler, every product out there that puts you on a training and diet will work on a certain extent. The difference between a mediocre book and a good book is that a mediocre one will help you lose some fat and that’s all (you’ll probably plateau sooner or later).

      A great book will give you the answer to fat loss and keep you losing it forever!

  8. Florin
    Is there any truth to the wide waist thing? Many seem to believe this

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