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Multivitamins And Mineral Supplements

Take this as a rule: everybody who trains intensively, need increased amounts of vitamins and minerals and from where you can get them easily? -> vitamins and mineral supplements

Because it’s hard these days to cover every vitamin and mineral we require (be it because we don’t have the time to go shopping for greens, we don’t like them or anything else), a basic multivitamin and mineral supplement is a must because it supplies us with the necessary vitamins and minerals, covering any future potential deficiency that can put us in a place where we can’t perform at 100% in gym. 

Even if you are not training, a basic multi-vitamin, fish oil and specific separate vitamin and mineral supplement is recommended because it can only do good for your health.

The absolute best and that I use in the last months is the AST MultiPro 32X because it contains big amounts of vitamins and minerals, only in a pill when compared to “swallow 12 pills supplements that have similar quantities of minerals and vitamins”:

multipro 32x review results

AST MultiPro 32X - 200 Caplets

AST MultiPro 32X – 200 Caplets

This multivitamin and mineral supplement is one of the first supplement that got the quantity of vitamins and minerals to a whole new level. In just 1 pill you get exceeding quantities that are enough even for the most hard training athletes. It’s also rich in anti-oxidants which should make you perform optimally under stress.


Fish Oil Supplements

A note to take: if there’s just a single supplement that I would take for the rest of my life, is a good fish oil supplement that has adequate amounts of EPA and DHA.

It’s almost impossible to cover the omega 3 requirements in our days and this is a bad thing because omega 3’s are extremely important for our health: they impact our overall health, promote fat oxidation, control inflammation, aid in keeping our heart healthy, improved cognitive function, better blood results and many more.

NOTE: Don’t get fooled into taking flax seed supplements (they don’t really convert properly into absorbed EPA and DPA – the conversion in body is poor) so the best choice are fish oil supplements:

A daily dose of 5-10 capsules of 120 mg EPA and 180 mg DPA, spread across the day would be optimal.

The absolute winner (in terms of taste, concentration and overall efficiency – I also use this, is Controlled Labs Orange OxiMega Fish Oil:

NOTE: I use 3 capsules daily to reach the necessary daily fish oil intake (take them after each meal or between them).

Controlled Labs Orange OxiMega Fish Oil - 120 Softgels

Controlled Labs Orange OxiMega Fish Oil – 120 Softgels

This fish oil supplement really tops any other supplement in terms of taste, EPA/DHA concentrations (~60% DHA/EPA). They are also citrus flavores (yum) and enteric coated so the taste and smell is awesome (unlike other fish oil products that smell.. you guess.. fish like).


A Cheaper Fish Oil Alternative:

Although I use the Controlled Labs Orange OxiMega Fish Oil and I strongly recommend everyone to use it because of the reasons already stated, a cheaper alternative is Super EPA From NowFoods (for a few bucks, I wouldn’t take lower quantities of omega 3’s).

NOW Foods Super EPA - 120 Softgels

NOW Foods Super EPA – 120 Softgels

The Natural Fish Oil Concentrate used in this softgel is manufactured under strict quality control standards. It is tested to be free of potentially harmful levels of contaminants (i.e. mercury, heavy metals, PCB’s, dioxins, and other contaminants).



I didn’t really had any problems with calcium levels in my body because I consume over 1L of milk along with a nice portion of cheese but there are people that don’t really consume or like to consume dairy products.

Calcium is critical for bone health and a minimum dose of 1000 mg is recommended.

My general recommendations are that if you don’t consume ~3-4 servings of dairy daily, a calcium supplement is a must!

These products are the best in this category (take a note that calcium citrate is the best absorbing form) – I use this supplement even if I consume plenty of diary (it has ~1g of calcium/serving which is awesome): Calcium Citrate + Vitamin D: Buy 2 Get 1 FREE:

Calcium Citrate + Vitamin D: Buy 2 Get 1 FREE - 120 Tablets

Calcium Citrate + Vitamin D: Buy 2 Get 1 FREE – 120 Tablets

This calcium supplement is one of the best I could find and use because it contains a good amount of absorbable calcium along with vitamin D which makes it even more effective.


Vitamin D

If you didn’t heard by now, vitamin D levels are at a low % for many people because of reasons like: working in an in door environment, avoiding sun exposure, living in climates with low sun conditions.

Maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D help with calcium absorption and also performance increases (even if direct studies showing this are not that dense).

A daily dose of 1500-5000 UI daily is safe and effective for everyone and regular vitamins and mineral supplements can’t provide you with that!

My main choice when it comes to vit D is NOW Foods Vitamin D-3 – 5,000IU 240 Softgels :

vitamin d3 summary review

NOW Foods Vitamin D-3 - 5,000IU 240 Softgels

NOW Foods Vitamin D-3 – 5,000IU 240 Softgels

Vitamin D supplementation is a must for everyone because more and more people don’t have the time to sit outside to get sufficient sun exposure for vitamin D to form and absorb.

This supplement is the best from its category and I personally use it.



This is one of those supplements that everybody tells you it builds muscle.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t!


There’s something else amazing at this supplement that can make it look like gold for some people: it actually strengthens your immune system function.

Anything that strengthens your immune system is good if you are training hard and in case you just caught cold, getting some vitamin C along with glutamine will make it go away a lot faster compared to conventional medicine.

NOTE: some people report better sleep with glutamine taken before bed time – you just have to test it

I always have a stack in my supplement deposit and my main choice is PrimaForce GlutaForm:

glutaform review summary

PrimaForce GlutaForm - 400g

PrimaForce GlutaForm – 400g

Even if there are studies that show glutamine minimizes muscle tissue breakdown, most of the studies found out that in fact, glutamine’s main role is to improve immune system function (which is also very important if you are training)


Zinc/Magnesium Supplements

Zinc and magnesium are those minerals that are usually missing in a people’s general diet.

Both are very critical for performance and these are not something you would want to miss.

If you want to sleep better, taking zinc and magnesium supplements before bed actually helps.

I always supplement with zinc and magnesium and my main choice is Optimum Nutrition Optimum ZMA:

optimum nutrition ZMA review

Optimum Nutrition Optimum ZMA - 180 Capsules

Optimum Nutrition Optimum ZMA – 180 Capsules

This supplement has the highest concentrations of zinc and magnesium on the market along with vitamin B6 which should give you plenty of energy and optimize processes required to build muscle and strength in your body.


Yohimbine HCL

Yohimbine has been demonstrated to be effective in helping with stubborn fat areas – these areas are the back area, lower abdomen, hips and thighs (it does this by inhibiting alpha 2 receptors and this makes fat mobilization easier – you still need to keep your diet in check though).

The supplement I use and which has the highest absorbable Yohimbine is MAN Sports Yohimbine HCL:

MAN Sports Yohimbine HCL - 60 Capsules

MAN Sports Yohimbine HCL – 60 Capsules

This is the single and most absorbable form of yohimbine you can find in a supplement: Yohimbine HCL -> 100% biologically available and active. My main yohimbine supplement.



When I talk about anti-oxidants, I refer to multiple compounds like vitamin A,E,C, beta-carotene and many others) that help eliminating the free radicals in your body.

Free radicals are created when you workout and the idea is that it damages your body so we need supplements to combat this.

Some athletes even reported improved recovery after exercise and decreased soreness.

When dieting or getting in a competition  period, they can help but I don’t really recommend them to be used all the time because fully blocking free radical formation can inhibit some training adaptations (especially when it comes to endurance training.

A good anti-oxidant supplement is Allmax Nutrition Liver D-Tox:

Allmax Nutrition Liver D-Tox - 42 Capsules

Allmax Nutrition Liver D-Tox – 42 Capsules

The combination of good herbal extracts that contain anti-oxidants is the most powerful formula when it comes to fighting free radicals along with vitamins and important minerals.


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