The Truth About 5 Foods To Never Eat Issue – Why Everybody Hides It?

fried potatoe 1 of the 5 foods to never eatI hope I will finally succeed to close the never ending subject that is haunting the web and still remains unanswered clearly in the eyes of people that need to lose weight.

5 Foods To Never Eat – What?

I also had this question addressed some time ago by a reader even if I clearly explained that there are no clean or dirty foods and you can eat anything you want and still reach your goals in getting a better body while keeping a healthy lifestyle – read until the end because this is closely tied with the next recommendation at the end.

If I were a normal person that just heard about this “5 foods to never eat” dogma, I would start asking right and left for the answer, search google or some answer sites to discover what’s the truth.

Everybody searches for “weight loss secrets”

Well, most of these sources usually give you a false belief that you just found a good resource and this is from where people are falling into the bullsh*t trap.

So I took the liberty to do a normal search and guess what I found when I searched “what are the 5 foods to never eat” ?

The top 5 foods to never eat list that I compiled FROM THE WEB:

This is the list that I found on various websites that were promoting the same old outdated bullsh*t about nutrition and I also gave my opinion based on available research:

  1. Artificial sweeteners – the truth about aspartame side effects/dangers
  2. Margarine – butter is always better and created from natural fats but it won’t kill you if you eat a bread or two with margarine – remember, don’t go overboard.
  3. Diet Foods – nothing wrong with them, just don’t eat only these kind of foods
  4. White Bread – again, aside having less micronutrients and higher caloric content than whole bread (doesn’t really matter), I can’t see anything wrong with it – you still won’t eat it as it is but combine it with other foods which should nullify any “bad” effects that  you might think it might have on your body
  5. Fried Potatoes – love them, eat them when you feel the need, keep control of the portion and you should be fine tho I wouldn’t eat them daily

Well, websites that want to “help” you avoid those “five foods to never eat”, are actually making a bigger mistake by giving you false information and BS that will only make your path to getting a better body with the least effort, tougher.

Never is a long time for me and I hope for you too and believe me when I say it, even my gramma ( 79 years old ) eats chips, ice cream, fried potatoes and pork fat while occasionally drinking some nice country wine.

In all seriousness, she is way more resistant and stronger than me while doing field work and never visited a hospital in her life (well except 1-2 times when we all go whenever we want or not).

I see too many times people and regular clients that are asking me what’s good, what’s bad, what should I eat, what should I avoid eating, what are good weight loss foods, secrets, weight loss diet plans or how a healthy weight loss diet should look like but their answer is found in their daily life.

You did everything right until now by eating whatever you wanted but internet and misinformation guided you on the wrong path and this created or tried to create a vice in your life.

And believe me, a food vice is worse than smoking BUT is easier to get rid of it once you find a good resource from where you can extract valuable information and apply it.

What I want to do here is to help you avoid creating this vice in your life that you should avoid certain foods and only favor “clean foods”, because this is a nutrition bullsh*t founded mostly by weight loss guru’s that are trying to extract your pocket every time you put a good question.

If you’ve read my book or the about me page, you should know that I also was in a situation where I would only eat foods that were considered as clean or good and avoided foods that were considered bad or dirty. I was just another victim of the misinformation promoted by people that were not interested in providing any real help.

This simply made my eating habits to become a chore for me, my family and friends.

I was constantly refusing to go out and eat something, eat something that was labeled bad at a family dinner, avoid eating out with my friends and plenty of other weird situations that were only putting stress in my life and didn’t gave me any additional benefits when compared to what I was eating before.

When I stepped with the wrong foot and I finally ate the foods that I considered dirty,  felt guilty so I continued to binge on those foods.


Because I have supposedly fallen off my beliefs and my punishment for that behavior should have been weight gain.

Guess what?

I was gaining weight not because I was eating all those “5 foods to never eat” but because I wasn’t controlling my caloric intake and that’s another story which I already discussed in other article.

After I learnt how many calories do I need in order to lose weight or gain weight, foods like this delicious looking cheese pancake with jam and cream were a piece of cake daily, while still reaching my goals!

cheese pancake with jam and cream

As a good continuation of this article, read what is clean eating and the truth about it.

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