What Is The Best Weight Loss Supplement And Why NOT?

the best weight loss supplement for actorsAnother question that is frequently thrown around forums, answer sites and blogs is the following one: “what is the best weight loss supplement?”

Every time I see these questions I’m amazed and still can’t keep myself steady or not cursing.


Well, it’s not the question per se, it’s the people responding this question that are making the job of the people asking it, even harder.

It’s nice to have someone to answer your questions but why there are so many people out there just answering questions without really having any nutrition knowledge whatsoever.

Most of the answers you can get by putting these questions on the internet, are something along these lines: “just try this supplement x,y,z, it helped me lose tons of fat and you should use it too”.

When no one even makes the slightest effort to find out the reality about fat loss – I mean how easy is to lose fat once you have everything in check: your diet, your training regime and least but not last, supplementation.

As a side note, you shouldn’t even try to think about supplements if you don’t have your diet in check.

The Real Answer To The Question What’s The Best Weight Loss Supplement

The reality is that there’s no perfect weight loss supplement out there.

There is not a single research study done (excepting those done on rodents, funded by supplement companies or plain retarded studies) that showed a certain supplement caused weight loss no matter the circumstances like:

  • Individual life style
  • Caloric intake
  • Activity levels
  • Problems or certain conditions

Even if there’s no perfect solution to our fat loss problems, there are still certain supplements that can aid in fat loss.

Remember: AID not MAKE you lose fat

There are three main considerations when looking at fat loss:

  1. You need to calculate your caloric intake and establish a deficit
  2. You need to take care of your diet and make sure you eat in a deficit
  3. You need to get your protein intake higher (in case you don’t want to lose your muscle mass).

I’ve written plenty of guides on how to do these three and they can be found on the website with ease.

Coming back to the question “what is the best supplement for weight loss”, the answer is pretty simple:

There’s no supplement that can directly impact fat loss!

Believe me, I would like to offer you a magic pill that can help you lose fat but the reality is other.

Stop getting fooled by all these guru’s selling “magic pills” and taking advantage of your time!

Their primary concern is to make you come back for more every time because in reality, you still won’t solve your dieting problems.

Instead, just go on my new starting page, play the video and read my articles.

In case you actually need supplements that work (increasing gym performance, muscle mass and general health), I made a top of the best supplements based on personal use, available research studies and other people’s experience with them.

You can get to that page by visiting this link: the best muscle building supplements.

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