7 Reasons That Dictate What Vitamins You Should Take And Why


What vitamins should I take?

Answering diet and nutrition questions is one of my favorite thing to do when it comes to helping people.

I decided to write an article to answer the question “what vitamins should I take?” because I see this question frequently around the internet and also I get some emails about it.

First, let’s get rid of the most common misconceptions about vitamins and minerals:

  1. Vitamins won’t really give you “energy”, this is mainly in your mind. They can make you feel more alert and correct any deficiency you might have but energy comes from other processes in which I won’t go in detail in this article.
  2. Vitamins are not going to make you fat because they don’t contain calories
  3. Vitamins are not the answer to your wrecked health (diet and training is)
  4. Vitamins will just make sure you function at your “max” and correct any potential deficiency you might have.
  5. Synthetic vitamins are the same are natural vitamins that you get from food because your body can’t distinguish a molecule of a natural vitamin from one of a synthetic vitamin.
  6. You absolutely need increased amounts of vitamins and minerals if you are doing intensive activity like weight training, aerobics, etc.
  7. Vitamins WORK!

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Before planting the exact answer to the question “what vitamins should I take”, I want to give you some straight facts on this matter, facts I’ve learnt over the years:

1. When it comes to supplements, there are specific ones that can give you an upper edge when “over-dosed” and some supplements which no matter how much you try to take them over the recommended dose, they don’t really give you an “extra” and can potentially cause you problems.

With vitamins it’s the same: if you take too much of a certain vitamin, the excess will be eliminated but if you don’t cover your needs, you are still susceptible to deficiency which is yet not good.

2. There are no specific or fixed quantity recommendations for every person out there when it comes to vitamins and minerals.

what vitamins and minerals should I take

I mean, no one can guess how much of a certain vitamin or mineral you need to take (this can be found out by taking some blood test) but in all seriousness, taking blood tests and adjusting vitamins and minerals to exact daily quantities would be a chore for anyone and most likely, not possible (well, I guess that you can do that if you don’t work or don’t have anything else going in your life besides daily measurements).

Now, the final answer to the question “what vitamins should I take” is simple:

Just take a good vitamin and mineral supplement that’s not too expensive (expensive isn’t necessarily better when it comes to supplements and especially when it comes to vitamins and minerals – these supplements are pretty cheap).

In the past, I felt into the trap of taking expensive vitamins and minerals but they didn’t really helped me more compared to a more convenient vitamin and mineral supplement.

I was just eliminating the excess.

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