The Weird Event That Showed Me What Vitamins Should I Take And Why

baby telling what vitamins and minerals should I take

Still better than the original

I remember the first years when I just started lifting weights, the general daily rush that I had and the fact that I wanted to take something that would make me feel better, faster, stronger.

The thing is that nobody really talked about vitamins and minerals BUT the main discussions were about protein powders, creatine, “fat burning” supplements, etc.

It was quite some time ago (I was still a newbie and pretty much bought into everything I was told), when I first asked the question “what vitamins should I take?”.

It was a Monday morning (the usual chest day – I know, I know), and I was going to the gym, wanting to do a chest, shoulder, triceps routine with high volume and reps  but I was feeling very tired.

I want to note that this feeling of tiredness was going on for some good weeks and I didn’t know what was the problem.

Every time I was entering the gym, I was feeling lethargic, with no interest in lifting weights.

Well, I did the usual thing: went into the gym, changed into gym clothes, say hello to everyone and talk with them when I was resting.

I noted my lack of interest in training because I was always tired and one gym friend (I call them gym friends because we weren’t really friends outside the gym), told me to take some vitamins and minerals because they should give me energy.

I asked him: what vitamins should I take?

His main recommendation was Animal Pak which contained somewhere around 11 or 12 pills (I don’t remember exactly), and they needed to be swallowed 30 minutes before training.

Went to a supplement store after that training day and got a bottle.

Needless to say, I did that and continued taking those vitamins and minerals for the month and they really gave me plenty of energy but the color of my urine was always either green or yellow so I was really worried and thought that vitamins were not doing me any good.

I talked with some friends and they reported the same, telling me that there’s nothing to worry about because I was just eliminating the excess vitamins and minerals.

I thought about this and it hit me: why should I pay a premium price for a product that I am just throwing down into the toilet?

A new task appeared ahead: went home, opened my laptop and read everything I could find about vitamins and minerals and the requirements.

The reality was interesting: even if my requirements were still higher than that of a normal person because I was doing a sport (weight training in my case), the quantities Animal Pak had were still high and I was paying way too much for them.

Going back to that supplement store, I watched around other vitamins and minerals products and I found something interesting.

There were vitamins and mineral bottles that actually contained just slightly lower quantities (but still plenty enough), all the  vitamins and minerals that were also into Animal Pak and the price was almost half.

1 pill, lower price, same or even better quality.

From then on, I always go with a general vitamin and mineral supplement that has a good quantity of these micro nutrients and a nice price.

More vitamins and minerals doesn’t necessarily means better.

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