The Number 1 Reason Why I Am So Fat And What To Do About It

why I am so fatWell, most of the time when looking at “losing weight fast” or “fat loss” advertisements or product pages that try to respond to the usual question “why I am so fat?”, one of the most common saying is this: “It’s not your fault”.

When I see these words, it makes me laugh at the pathetic attempt of that other person who wrote these words to make people believe that he knows something that you don’t know.

Well, I am a realistic person by nature and I don’t want to hide certain facts just because the hard truth hurts.

Of course it hurts… especially when it comes to having too much fat on your body.

Why I Am So Fat – Whose Fault Is This?

It’s Your Fault!

Believe me, the usual human nature when it comes to “faults” is to seek out something they can put the blame on, just to make them feel better.

Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing but you have to realize that this won’t help you with anything.

Anyways let’s get back to the main issue:

Why YOU Are Fat

I see so many reasons thrown out there that should justify why people are fat, reasons like: fried foods, white bread, white rice, etc. BUT none of these so called “reasons” are true.

You are fat because you eat too much, meaning:

Your energy intake is greater than your energy output

What this means is that the calories you get from the food you are eating are higher than your daily caloric expenditure and this is why you gain weight.


They Can’t Gain Or Lose Weight

The main categories of people with weight problems are as follows:

  1. People swearing they eat low calories and exercise but they still can’t lose fat
  2. People swearing they eat a lot but can’t gain weight no matter how much they eat
  3. People that can’t gain or lose weight no matter how much or little they eat

Looking at over 20 years of research studies, the information regarding why people are fat or why people can’t gain weight is pretty much covered in detail.

You are responsible for the fate of your body!

The question “why I am so fat?” is explained bellow:

For the most part, this is what happens…

People over report their activity levels and under report their caloric intake or vice versa.

  1. People that tried to lose weight underestimated how many calories they were eating daily: for example, you might be saying that you only eat 1500 calories daily when in fact your true caloric intake is somewhere around 2500.
  2. People that wanted to gain weight, overestimated their caloric intake: for example, if you want to gain weight and you need to eat 3000 calories to gain 1 lb/week but you only eat 2500, the end result would be either weight maintenance or weight loss.

I want you to note that I am not making any assumptions that you are lying about your caloric intake BUT I want to point out that these people are doing it without knowing or realizing.

How Can I Lose Weight?

If you want to start losing fat the right way, I made a review of the top fat loss books that will actually give you the right guide to fat loss (I avoided all those bullsh*t “lose 30 lbs/week useless books).

I also wrote my own book which is a combination of every good fat loss methods I personally along with my clients tested and put them in practice with amazing results.

Alternatively, you can continue reading guides and losing weight tips to get you started on the right foot here.

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