The Top 3 Reasons Why Most Women Trying Bodybuilding Will Fail

I don’t know why but I enjoy training while there are women in the gym. I don’t think I’m the only one. I mean, when I look around, I always see guys smiling to girls (good looking girls I might point). How about you?

I don’t think you don’t like to take a peak at a girl squatting. Who doesn’t like to see a girl squatting?

It’s one of the most pleasant views you can get in a gym. It’s the view of a woman that knows what she needs to do. It’s the correct way a woman should train her legs. Because we, men, can have the end result. You know what I mean (don’t get too horny, I was reffering to the view).

Alright, but what is a girl that squats having to do with the way I titled this article?

It has everything to do with it.

Before I get further, I want to note that this is all from the back of my mind. It’s a personal opinion about the sad reality women trying bodybuilding are finding themselves into.

What sad reality?

I’m glad you asked.

Well, tell me how many times you go to a gym and you see a woman doing something stupid?

If you are going to a commercial gym like me, I think that the answer is only one. Too many…

These are my top 3 reasons why most women trying bodybuilding, will invariably fail and give up.

  1. Women that are wasting too much time with useless exercises
  2. Women that are trying to copy fitness or bikini competitors (you’ll see why I say this)
  3. Women that are letting themselves trained by the usual gym coach

Let’s start with the first reason. 

Women that are wasting too much time with useless exercises 

Exercises that don’t really give them long term results.

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest mistakes they can make. Tell me how many times you’ve been in a gym and you saw a woman doing countless abdominal exercises? How many times you saw a woman doing abs every day?

Well, if you are going to a regular commercial gym just like me, you probably saw them frequently. I know I see them daily. Not only that, but the sad reality is that these women actually believe they are going to get a six pack look just by doing countless abdominal exercises. 

Why these women waste their time?

You can’t really spot reduce bodyfat. Tell me how many times you’ve seen a fat person that has alot of fat on its body, having a six pack?

The only time those six pack abs are going to get visible is when you have a low body fat percentage. You already have the six pack abdominal muscle under that abdominal fat. Training that muscle will only make it a little more proeminent but the fat will still cover it. You can read more about spot reducing myth here.

The countless abdominal exercises are just an example. There are plenty more. I also don’t understand girls that are jumping on a box and back down on the ground, repeating this movement again and again. Not only the movement is weird but it also doesn’t accomplish anything besides some general fitness.

If you are in a gym, stop wasting time with bodyweight exercises. Use weights. That’s why you are in a gym. If you want to jump on boxes or do crossfit like training, then the gym is not for you.

Yes, abdominal exercises do have their place in a training routine. Yes, I also do them. But not at the magnitude some women are doing them. Do a good training routine like this and train your abs at the end of your training.

Women That Copy Bodybuilding And Fitness Models

Yet another frequent mistake women trying bodybuilding are doing. Maybe it’s because some of them got inspired by one woman fitness competitor to start bodybuilding. It’s so easy to fall into this trap. You’ll see what I mean with this…

I really wanted to talk about this issue because I didn’t really saw it discussed somewhere else. If you know a place where this subject has been discussed, I would gladly like to see your comment.

I don’t have anything against women bodybuilding or fitness competitors. In fact, I actually follow some of them. I believe that a complete beautiful woman has a strong mind and a strong body. That’s why I admire women that are bodybuilding. As a woman, what would you want more from your body and mind besides to be strong and healthy?

It’s alright to aspire to look like someone. I believe this is one of the reasons why some women are copying fitness or bodybuilding competitors workout routines. It sounds like a bad thing coming from me.

Sadly, it’s a bad thing most of the time. I am not saying all the time because maybe there are some fitness or bodybuilding women competitors that are not using any kind of “forbidden” pills.

It’s a fact that most fitness or bodybuilding competitors are using at least one kind of steroid. They can widstand a big training volume because of this. They can diet to low body fat numbers because of this. They can pretty much do all the nonsense dieting methods they find on the internet like eating 6 meals a day. Why I am saying this?

Even if I am going to a commercial gym, I’ve seen and talked to many women that were using at least one kind of steroid or pill in an effort to look better. Until approximately a year ago, I didn’t really knew a woman that was using them. I’ve only heard of competitors I’ve seen on the internet or at tv. But live, none…

Now, I know strippers, hostesses, regular girls and women that are using steroids. Not the kind that would make them bulky. Most usually, the ones they believe that help them get lean. But still… I don’t really agree with using steroids to get lean when it’s so easy to get ripped naturally.

Look at me. While I’m staying lean year round, I don’t have any worries. I only train 2-3 times/week. I don’t even count my calories (I developed an eye for this and I know my body). I also drink most weekends. So why use steroids if you can get lean and stay like that, naturally?

Because these women don’t have other options. These women don’t know how to diet and train. And steroids will make them lean almost no matter what. But with a cost. I’ve seen women that had nasty side effects like excessive hair, their face getting larger, bad hormone levels, and many more. And I hate to see that. I really feel bad for women that are using “tricks” like these in a desperate attempt to get lean.

I just saw that I went a little bit farther from the second point. But, I wanted to talk a bit about this subject.

It’s about them. Women that are trying to copy women fitness and bodybuilding competitor’s routines. Most of these routines are badly programmed, they are with too much volume and frequency. I’ve seen women getting in the gym 5-6 times every week for 1-2 hours of intense exercise coupled with cardio. That’s nothing wrong with that in my opinion. But there’s something else.

The exercises they do. I don’t really know from where they are copying them. Maybe bodybuilding websites for women? 

Most of them don’t squat, deadlift or even bench press. The bulk of their exercise routine is formed by cables attached to their legs, bodyweight and machine exercises, and also medicinal ball exercises. The exercise choices are simply wrong. These exercises won’t build a great and well rounded body.

For me, seeing women repeating every day these exercises is annoying. It’s annoying because they don’t give good results. This is why ultimately, many women resort to using steroids or pills to get lean. Because they believe they can’t achieve a great body naturally. Because it takes too much time. Or because they don’t have results.

Girls, if you are reading this. Please stop what you are doing. Go home, read my tutorials on deadlift, squat and bench press, and start incorporating them in your workout routine. If you will do these exercises every week, I can promise you will develop great legs, a nice butt and also a body to be envied. The thing you have to remember is that you have to be consistent.

Also, some good workout routines can be found here.

I hope I see the day when every woman on the plant will stop doing retarded exercises. They would look better if someone would take care of them personally. With a no bullshit approach.

Women That Are Letting Themselves Being Trained By The Usual Gym Coach

This is a good one. I really wanted to talk about this. At one gym I’m frequenting, there are 4 personal coaches. You don’t have to pay them anything for advice because they work there. You just have to ask their help. And what a huge mistake to do that…

One time, I saw a beautiful blond hair women, that really had a good looking body. I mean, most guys at the gym were looking at her. You know when a woman entering a gym looks good. That is the moment when every guy there turns his head towards her. That day was the same. It was the first time I saw that girl. She looked great!

She was dressed in some kind of yoga pants that showed her legs were well developed (I thought she was squatting), her abs looked good, the calves were also neat looking. I am not really the type of guy that chases women in the gym. I like to do my training and concentrate on it. But this was different. I saw something interesting. She looked good and I was interested what exercise routine she was doing.

So, as I was training (doing bench press at that moment), that girl and the coach started training. I just finished my big set on the bench press and I wanted to take a 5 minute break. It was perfect to see what she was doing.

When I looked towards her, what do you think she was doing?

The first exercise she started doing was a freaking standing lat pushdown at a cable machine. Are you kidding me?

Alright, I said. I should wait for the next exercise and until them, I’m going to take care of my routine. So as I was benching and reaching the last set, I saw the coach moving that girl to the second exercise. What do you think it was?

Machine abs crunch exercise (I don’t even know the exact name of that exercise)…

That was so disappointing. Why?

I’m glad you asked. In my opinion, girls like her that look great have a good advantage. If they get a good personal trainer besides them, they can really obtain an awesome looking body. A body worthy of a magazine or a personal facebook fanpage with a huge following.

But… most of them won’t reach that level because they don’t have a good trainer. This is why I always advise women to seek advice on internet or learn by themselves. Even if the internet is full of nonsense diets and training routines, the chance is way higher you can stumble upon a great source of advice to follow (you found me, isn’t it?).

Women that let themselves getting trainer by these wanna-be personal trainers, will invariably waste their time and won’t get the results they are after. If you are bodybuilding for a regular time, I bet you saw at least 1 woman doing retarded exercises or getting trained by a personal trainer that doesn’t know jack about training someone the right way.

Oh… I almost forgot… most personal trainers from that gym I was going looked like the average Joe. They were either skinny or towards being fat. A sad irony… Anyways…

I want to hear what you have to say about this. I’m curious about your take on the subject of women and bodybuilding. Let’s start a discussion.

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