Workout Buddy X Review – Genuine Or A Scam?

workout buddy x review scam training 2Usually, I don’t really try to do video reviews of home training programs but this one really made me curious.

Let’s see their description:

Created by 4 world class trainers (1 kettlebell master /functional training specialist, 1 boot camp instruction, 1 Fitness America Champion + 1 certified yoga instructor), our subscription based online fitness club provide user streaming access to some of the most effective workout videos from a wide variety of training methods including High intensity Interval Training, Circuit Training, Cardio Kick Boxing, Resistance Training, and Yoga. 

Every workout is modified with 3 different intensity level, ensuring a highly customized and effective workout routine for people of all fitness levels.

Most home training programs you can find nowadays are created and recommended in a complete disorganization.

I really liked the way they organized the content. The nutrition section is spot on. I have nothing to say negatively about the nutrition section.

What I liked the most about workout buddy x is that this program is nicely structured in an easy to understand way. Each day you will be doing a specific routine that will give you a certain point and training effect.


Interesting concept and I also liked this because psychologically speaking, rewards are always a great source of motivation. You can see rewards coming on 2 ways by using this program:

  1. The first way is that their overall appearance will get better
  2. The second way in which you will get a reward is the throphies section from inside the members area (as seen on video)

Please watch the video before deciding if this program is good for you:

I apologize if you believe I made this clip too long but this was my first video review of a home training program. It really took me a long time to finish it.

Don’t get fooled by the duration of this workout buddy x review because even if you see that there are 13 minutes of footage, if you are really interested in getting leaner by staying at home and doing a good body weight program, I suggest you to watch it until the end so you can decide if this is for you or not.

I hope you liked my review of this home training program. If you have any questions, you can put them in the comment section bellow or by simply sending me a message by using the contact form.

I’m actually excited to see another good training program added to my portfolio of no nonsense training programs.

Phillipe, Marlon John, Riyaana Hartley and Jupinko really did a good job in clearly explaining every move and also structuring the program so it flows nicely every day.

I recommend this program for people that want an alternative to a gym session, don’t have time to go to the gym or just want to try a home training program.

You can get the program from here:

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