Yohimbe Or Yohimbine HCL


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About Yohimbe Bark Extract

Yohimbine is coming from the bark of an African tree and it has a false reputation as a testosterone enhancer but in reality, it doesn’t really affect hormones at all.

Rather, it is a naturally occurring alpha-2 receptor antagonist.

You don’t have to think too much about the terminologies here, I will explain it in a minute:

The fact is that alpha-antagonism tends to increase blood which in turn will stimulate fat breakdown (if you are in a caloric deficit) and yohimbine is a potent solution for this.

So yohimbine actually helps with stubborn fat mobilization.

The sad thing is that insulin will dezactivate any positive effect that yohimbine can give you. Anything you eat (except maybe pure fat) will stimulate insulin to some degree, so what you eat after your cardio doesn’t matter.

If you are really confused by the name, you should know that yohimbe is the herbal version and yohimbine HCL is the synthetic version.

What Is Yohimbe

So, yohimbine is an alpha-antagonist which means that it increased blod flow.

People that hear about yohimbine HCL as a viable “testosterone booster” are mainly seeing that because in the past, using it, could give you erections (it increases blood flow, you know) so many marketers took the opportunity to invent every kind of supplements based on t his ingredient.

But, as a supplement, yohimbine does NOT affect testosterone levels!

Yohimbine also helps by keeping your body’s production of noradrenaline higher by inhibiting the normal feedback loop that decreases levels while dieting.

If you don’t know what is noradrenaline, the simple explanation is that is a substance that is naturally occurring in your nerve cells and it is responsible with the “flight or fight” mechanism or your body’s reaction to any stressful event.

What this means is that noradrenaline actually produces effects like increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, dilation of air passages in lungs, dilation of pupils.

All these “enhancements” should probably make you perform better and more alert.

Yohimbe can be found in two forms:

  1. Yohimbine HCL
  2. Yohimbe (herbal version)

The herbal version of yohimbine is not without problems and most of the side effects are related to the compounds found in the bark. You can get sweats, severe stimulation and chills so I don’t really recommend you the herbal version of Yohimbine.

Yohimbine HCL is a cleaner compound and has all the benefits while retaining none of just a few of the side effects of the herbal version.

Yohimbe Dosage

An effective dose of yohimbine HCL is approximately 0.2 mg/kg and this means that you will be required to swallow a bunch of pills but believe me, it’s well worth to live without side effects and get all the benefits it offers.

The takeaway is that yohimbine needs to be taken several hours from a meal or first thing in the morning because the effects are eliminated totally even by small amounts of insulin -> any kind of food raises insulin levels so think about that.

Its effects are also boosted when combined with exercise, caffeine or ephedrine but I don’t really recommend you to take yohimbine with ephedrine because you can get over stimulated and get increased heart rate, sweats, palpitations.

Is Yohimbe A Good Weight Loss Supplement?

The final answer is that yohimbe is not effective without a caloric deficit. Nothing is effective for weight loss without keeping a caloric deficit so keep that in mind when you read about supplements that contain yohimbine HCL or yohimbe.